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The Episode starts with Reyansh checking Aradhna’s laptop and deleting the files. Aradhna prays at the temple. She thinks I have nothing left, I pray that the stain on my name doesn’t follow me here, I have come here to find a new identity, give a new turn to my story. Reyansh plays the video. Sunaina comes and says you came to office again. Reyansh doesn’t see Revati’s video. Aradhna says I had gone to the temple. Beena says tough call. Aradhna says I had nothing to ask for. Beena says that guy would have hurt you a lot. Sunaina says I can’t allow you in this state, don’t create a new mess. Reyansh says this office is mine, don’t lecture me. Aradhna says my life’s biggest truth is a lie. Beena says don’t get so dramatic, tell me, was he handsome.

Aradhna says yes. Beena says handsome guys think they have a license to do anything, we girls get attracted to such guys. Aradhna says yes, I knew he had all the problems, but I liked him. Reyansh says Aradhna ruined me, she acted to love me and went to meet her ex. Sunaina says its boring story, you don’t see anything under your nose, go and apologize to Aradhna and her parents, you aren’t a victim. He says you will take her side, dad also fell in her words. She says ask your dad, don’t cover your mistakes. Aradhna says he felt I cheated him, he didn’t trust my love, he ruined my life without knowing anything. Beena says everyone would have been happy if mind conquered the heart. She tells about her husband. They see the rains. Reyansh says she lied to me, she went to meet Mayank, she lied to her parents, I took Revati, she lied, what’s there to prove it. Sunaina says you have pre decided it and won’t believe the truth, believe what you want, get out of here. He says okay, bye. He leaves.

Beena asks Aradhna to take the umbrellas. They take the order. A couple is on the way. Malini’s daughter Kimaya and the guy Angad have a talk. Malini calls her daughter. Beena keeps the boxes in the car. Angad doesn’t see and hits her. Beena screams. She falls down. Aradhna shouts and runs to Beena. Angad stops Kimaya and says she is fine, don’t worry. Kimaya says she is dead. He says we shouldn’t get into this mess, its our engagement today. She says let me go and see once. He asks her to relax. Aradhna sees the car number. She says I will file a police complaint. Beena says first take me to the hospital, rich people won’t stop to help, you can help me if you are staying in my house. Beena says you are mad to find goodness in people even now. Reyansh says I have to take my phone. Aradhna tells the inspector about hit and run case. Inspector says we will see everything. Beena says make me fine. Aradhna says I noted the car number. Inspector asks the number.

Reyansh comes back to his cabin and takes his phone. Beena asks what will happen of this order. Aradhna says we will go to hospital first. Beena says no, we have to send this big order, who will take it, you will take this delivery. Aradhna says I don’t know anyone there. Beena says I was also going there for delivery, just go there. Aradhna says fine, I will take it, I know the pain of losing family, your café won’t go anywhere. Ambulance comes. Aradhna sends Beena. Reyansh thinks I left the laptop on. Aradhna thinks from journalism to delivery girl, where did fate got me, I will try to find Mimmi there, she has to answer me. Reyansh sees Mayank and Revati’s video. He gets shocked. He recalls Revati’s words. He thinks Mayank and Revati lied to me. He checks Aradhna and Revati’s chats. He recalls his words to Aradhna. He thinks I didn’t trust her, I ruined her life. He throws things. He recalls Vivek’s words.

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