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The Episode starts with Angad covering the car. He says the car will be here, no one will help, stop it now. He asks Kimaya to calm down. He says its our engagement today, it’s a night of Jindals and Khannas union, you go in and get ready, you have to show Kriti and Komal that you are beautiful as you are. She says we can’t kill someone. He says she is fine, she didn’t die, don’t take tension, smile. Malini says Kimaya looked tense. Viren says its her Roka, we will have drinks. She says no, we will have champagne. He says amazing. Kriti says I got the best band and DJ from Mumbai. Komal jokes on her. Reyansh calls Revati. He thinks Krishnan would have made Revati lie. He leaves an audio message to Revati.

Malini asks the girls to have food. She asks Kimaya why is she looking dull. Kimaya asks do I look good or not. Malini says you are perfect, everything will be fine. Viren says yes. He hugs Kimaya and says I chose a diamond for you. Angad greets them and asks Kimaya to meet his friends. Viren jokes. Angad asks Kimaya to smile. She says I m scared, if that woman dies… He says smile, no one should know I was drinking and driving. They go on the dance floor. Revati calls Reyansh. She says please don’t come here. Reyansh says come and meet me, if you get Krishnan, then I will kill him. Aradhna comes to Khanna mansion. She delivers the order. Malini and everyone are dancing. She sees a door locked. She sees the chunri. She says I should go out and ask them about Mimmi. Everyone enjoys in the party. Revati asks Reyansh to be careful in driving. Reyansh says I m talking you to Mayank, he got married, I will make you meet his wife, we will have dinner together. She worries. She says no. He says you lied to me, you thought you will get saved. She says I had no option, I had no courage like Aradhna, she saved me, you loved her, you believed my lie. Malini says my three daughters are my strength and weakness. Aradhna looks on. She sees Malini hugging her daughters and thinks they are lucky. Revati says Mayank was a liar, you are worse than him, what you did was a breach of trust, you didn’t trust your love. Reyansh stops the car and says you are right. She says Aradhna sacrificed a lot for saving me, all the best, so sorry, do something for Aradhna. She leaves. Reyansh drives in anger and says sorry Aradhna. Komal says you are new here. Aradhna says its my first day. Komal says Beena is crack. Aradhna sys she is nice to me. Komal says you are very sweet and don’t see badness in people, why did you come here. Aradhna says to find someone. Komal says our city is small. Aradhna says its good. Komal asks can I help. Aradhna says I m finding a lady, I don’t know her name, but just her nickname. She hears someone calling out Mimmi. Malini hugs her friend Tanu. Aradhna is shocked seeing Malini. Viren says Malini doesn’t like to be called Mimmi. Tanu asks why. Malini says past should stay in past, my present has no place for my past. Aradhna cries. Malini sees her.

Komal says she is finding someone. Malini says I can help you. Aradhna leaves and cries. Inspector complains about Kimaya. She says Aradhna filed the complaint. Reyansh beats up Mayank. Vivek asks him to find Aradhna and get her. Aradhna falls back. Reyansh holds Aradhna.

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