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The Episode starts with Alka asking why did Aradhna come here. Malini says they got stuck here. Aradhna says sorry, I came here to get my purse, I didn’t know your stuff is kept here. Alka says take care of yourself, why did you break the bottle. Aradhna says we were finding something. Alka asks what. Malini says they had no water and food, she was hungry, Vikram panicked, I will take care of your things, give me the list, sorry. Alka says its okay. She warns Aradhna and goes.

Aradhna says I m really sorry. Malini says its not your mistake, I will handle everything, sorry. Aradhna goes to servant and says sorry. He says Alka makes an issue without a reason, her aide guards here, she took her stuff before you got stuck. She asks what. Reyansh says I know you hate me. Arnab holds him. Kriti and Komal laugh. Aradhna wakes up Reyansh. Reyansh wakes up and sees Arnab. She jokes and says I will go to office, you can come late. She goes. Arnab asks whose dream are you seeing, bro. Reyansh holds him and says you…. Arnab says don’t do this with me, chill. Reyansh jokes and teases him. Arnab says stay away, don’t get touchy. He checks Vivek’s missed calls.

Reyansh calls Vivek. He says I heard you aren’t well, tigers never get sick. Vivek says yes, I miss you, Kadambari has gone to Banaras, she said she wanted some time. Reyansh says she should see others’ needs also. Vivek says she is an artist, I always give her time for her music, how are you. Reyansh says I m okay, you come to me, you aren’t fine, ask Shambhu to get you here, please come. Vivek asks who will handle the business. Reyansh says please come, I miss you. Vivek asks where did you reach. Reyansh recalls Aradhna’s words. He says dad, I didn’t do right, she doesn’t trust me, I gave her trauma, she puts herself in danger, her mental health will suffer, I don’t deserve her forgiveness. Vivek says you will win your love, I m coming. Reyansh says you are getting filmi, see you soon.

Aradhna and Beena have a talk. She asks about Jindals. Beena says Alka is very cunning. Aradhna says Angad would be good, right. Beena says its no use, family should be good, don’t ask me how Angad wooed Kimaya, Alka’s brother had been to jail, he had stolen in the museum, Alka behaves like a social worker. She argues with Rajan. Aradhna asks what’s his name, try to recall. Beena says he did the theft, but the entire family got defamed, Narender. Reyansh comes and greets Beena.

Aradhna thinks he will irritate me again. He asks how are you. She says you came again. He says get coffee. Beena says you like the coffee here. She sees Reyansh and Aradhna’s argument and says this is Tashan, you were boring and toxic, Rajan. She says you are also alpha male, toxic, such guys are dangerous. He says yes, I m finding a nice girl, who comes and changes me. Beena taunts Rajan.

Aradhna says I m going to office. Reyansh says tell her to sit in the car, she is not safe. Beena says go with him. Aradhna says no. Beena says go, he has come. Aradhna says he is having coffee, I can’t be late, my boss is arrogant. She goes. Beena says she left, will you go now. Reyansh says I will go, I will take this mug. She says return the cup later. Reyansh and Aradhna are on the way. He says people talk nicely to their boss. Aradhna taunts him.

She says I got a lead on the idol, I will tell it to Tripathi. She goes to office and talks to Sunaina and Tripathi. Tripathi says Beena is a little bit weird. Sunaina says we will consult Viren. He says nothing wrong should happen. He goes. Sunaina says he is right. Aradhna says I have seen the idol in that house, Alka’s stuff was stored there, she took it a night before. Sunaina says Malini might be involved. Aradhna says no, she can’t. Sunaina says chill, you are reacting like she is your close relative. Aradhna recalls Malini. She says no, I feel Jindals are behind this, don’t tell Reyansh, I want to solve this story. Aradhna and Reyansh collide. Kya kya hai tu ne…plays… Reyansh asks her to listen. She goes. Tripathi asks is everything fine. Reyansh says yes, I have a habit to talk to the door, get back to work. Aradhna talks to Pooja on call. She says I don’t want to repeat my mistake, we were locked all night. Pooja says forgive her, I don’t want to fall weak. Reyansh talks to Vikram on call. He says I realized I did bad with her, she is scared of me, she is in trauma. Vikram says you are after her like stalker. Aradhna says he is a bad dream. Pooja says he doesn’t know to say sorry, he wants to apologize. Aradhna says I don’t want anything from him, he broke my heart and… Reyansh says she won’t forgive me. Vikram says decide it, you want forgiveness or something else, she won’t come back. Reyansh says I want to change for her. Pooja says Vikram told Reyansh is changing, you also know he is sorry. Reyansh says I want to repent. Vikram says don’t push her so much. Aradhna says I will never forgive him.

Reyansh says you don’t know who is your mom. Malini says you called me mumma. Reyansh says Jindals are dangerous.

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