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The Episode starts with Aradhna seeing Reyansh and recalling their argument. He introduces himself as Vikram. Viren asks them to shake hands. They shake hands. Viren says his credentials are amazing, he was VP in Nationtrue channel, make my company a big hit, I feel you are scared seeing him. Reyansh asks are you scared of me. Viren wishes them all the best and goes. Reyansh says welcome to the team. She says I won’t do this job. He says fine, you will go to other city and change name, I came to torture you. She argues.

He says I know you came here to find your mum. She asks how do you know. He says I m a journalist, I can find out anything. She says I hate you. He says I …. He recalls Vivek asking him to find Aradhna. Vikram comes and says you can ask me, bro, her parents disowned her and told her that she isn’t their daughter, her life turned into a lie, they had adopted her. Reyansh says what did I do. Vivek says enough, go to her, she has fallen lonely, she needs you, become her shield. Reyansh says she will never see my face and forgive me. Vikram and Vivek encourage him to go. FB ends. Aradhna thinks why did he come, I hate him.

Reyansh comes and holds her dupatta. She says I will tell your truth to everyone, you want to expose me. He says no. She says Viren knows about me, he knows I m adopted. He asks did you get your mum. She says its none of your business. He says I won’t lose you easily, you can’t cause any harm to me. He says I can try. She scolds him. She leaves.

Aradhna comes to the bakery. Beena asks why are you crying, tears have no value, what happened. Aradhna says he has come here to take revenge and trouble me. Beena says you are worried. She asks her to stop crying. Reyansh sees Aradhna’s pic. He thinks I don’t want your forgiveness, I will be with you. He gets back to work. Aradhna comes. He says you are late. He asks her to meet her new colleagues. He calls Sunaina and Vikram. Aradhna is surprised.

She asks Vikram who is he. He says I m Ankush. Sunaina says I m Sunaina. Aradhna says oh, you are Sunaina only. Reyansh says we will have a new story. They start arguing. Aradhna asks Vikram and Sunaina did they come on Reyansh’s saying. Vikram says I know he made a big mistake, we explained him, he has realized it. She says he thinks I m with Mayank, I can’t wait for him to change, he was toxic, and he will always be toxic.

Sunaina says we are stuck because of friendships. Aradhna says its not needed, Vikram is here for Reyansh, who won’t change, he has decided to ruin my life, I lost my family, job and everything, I have fallen alone. Reyansh asks her to maintain professionalism. She asks what’s your problem, why don’t you leave me alone. He says I can’t leave you alone. She goes. Sunaina says this is not done. Vikram asks what are you doing. Reyansh goes. Sunaina asks tell me your game plan. Vikram says yes, we came here for you. She says you came to win her or trouble her. Reyansh says she hates me, let her do. Vikram says she will run away if you treat her like this, I m not your friend here, I m your boss, work well. He goes. Vikram asks what kind of person he is. Aradhna says I have an uplifting story of 20 women running their business, its imp. They argue. Viren comes and asks all okay? Reyansh says fire her, I can’t work with her. Aradhna explains Viren about the women’s startup. Viren says she is right, it’s a success story, I will take this in print if it doesn’t fit in digital. Reyansh says fine, you are the company owner, the story should come on tv. Viren says congrats, my daughter’s marriage is happening, Malini kept a small puja in the temple, I want you guys to meet my family. Aradhna says yes Sir. Viren leaves. Vikram and Sunaina look on and comment on Reyansh’s lover boy attitude. Viren comes to Aradhna.

He says you can join my dept if you want. Aradhna says no, he is my boss, no one can make me leave. Reyansh says Aradhna’s story will come, she will win. Sunaina says you want to lose and make her win, you are mad, you are gone out. Viren says do come to the temple, Malini has made a sugarfree cake, she said she got someone to share the cake. Aradhna says I will surely come.

Aradhna, Reyansh and Malini’s daughters are on the way. Komal jokes on her sister. Reyansh says I like the way your mind works, but your focus is less, one has to get passion, you are beautiful. He sees Aradhna.

Komal hugs Aradhna. Viren says Aradhna is adopted. Aradhna sees Reyansh getting shot.

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