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The Episode starts with Ananya says just Pooja can handle the guys. Aradhna sees Reyansh and Arnab dancing with Pooja. She spills some oil on the floor and makes them fall. Ayushman comes. Aradhna says thank Pooja from my side. She thinks to go and see that idol. Sunaina shows the pics. Aradhna says I will just come, make some excuse, I m going to find Beena’s stuff. She goes. She finds the door locked. She looks inside and sees the idol.

She thinks how can this happen, it’s a govt. property and this house… Waiter says you here. She says I was checking for the moulds and my bag. He asks her to go to kitchen. He says its Malini’s personal store, she has the key, we have no permission to come here. She thinks this can’t happen, I can’t tell this to Reyansh, someone is doing it here, no, it can’t happen, she filled my life with lies, I can’t believe it. The girls flirt with Reyansh. He jokes. He goes to Aradhna. He says you are worried. She says because you are here. Arnab asks is he troubling you. She says forget it, your BTS idea is good, we will talk to Viren. They go to Viren. She says we will cover your daughter’s marriage. Viren asks sure? Reyansh says I will do it. Viren says do it, it will be fun. Aradhna says we will start the interview with Arnab. He asks Vikram to plan the interviews. Vikram says okay, what happened now. She says I got to know something which I should have not known it.

Reyansh and Arnab joke on each other. Arnab challenges him for a dance face off. Reyansh agrees. Arnab says I will choose the song. Reyansh says done. Arnab plays Dola re dola…. He asks Reyansh to dance. He asks are you scared, come on, watch me now. Sunaina says record this video for sure. Arnab dances. Aradhna records their dance. Malini says I have much work, you have fun. Aradhna follows her. Reyansh’s hand hits Arnab. Arnab falls. He acts to be jumping and gets up. Malini gets some box. Aradhna comes and interviews her. Malini shows her silk sarees collections. Aradhna asks about a baby’s clothes. Malini says I bought this for my daughter in 1998. Aradhna says but Kimaya was born in 2000, I was born in 1998. Malini says yes, I meant 2000. Aradhna says I feel you are hiding something, your love and hopes for your daughters. Malini says I pray for my daughters. Aradhna says your Kuldevi temple is beautiful, the idol would have a story. Malini says enough now, we will go out, you are coming in the party, right. Aradhna says yes. Sunaina ties the bandage to Reyansh and scolds him. He says Aradhna got to know about the idol, she is hiding it, I will find it, fix Aradhna and Tripathi’s meeting. She says you have an obsession to become alpha male, don’t take risk. Reyansh says the shooter knows we are after the idol, Aradhna is in danger. Vikram says you danced to prove to Aradhna that you are better than Arnab, get over this breakup. Reyansh says I want Aradhna back, she hates me, it means she loves me, I have hope. She calls him a donkey.

Kriti calls him and asks him for couple dance. He says I m hurt. She says please, for my sake, don’t say no. He agrees. Reyansh jokes on Vikram. Sunaina laughs. Aradhna comes to the bakery. Beena asks did you get my bag. Aradhna asks didn’t you sleep. Beena says Malini gave a big order, did you get my bag. Aradhna says no, I forgot. Beena says you should have remembered it. Aradhna asks about the Kuldevi idol. Beena says I don’t know, what happened. Aradhna says I mean there was no big news about the stolen idol. Beena says Viren made the news channel to make money. Aradhna thinks did Viren do this, but why, he is rich. Beena says go and attend the marriage, get my bag. Aradhna says sure. Reyansh sees a car going to hit Aradhna.

Reyansh saves Aradhna. He says someone is targeting Aradhna. Vikram says we got to know about that car.

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