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The Episode starts with Reyansh leaving a voice message for Vivek. Aradhna looks for Malini. She sees the storeroom open. She goes inside to check it. She doesn’t see any idol. Reyansh comes there. They argue. Someone locks them. They knock the door and ask someone to open the door. Viren and Malini talk to Angad’s parents. Aradhna says I can’t stay here, someone open the door. She shouts and tries hard to open the door. She looks for the idols. Reyansh asks what are you looking for. She says you don’t trouble me.

She thinks I saw the idols here. He says I will try to call someone, there is no network. She says then find it. Viren says baba and all are fraud. Angad says he can’t be fraud, he had kept my name, he is lucky for us. Vikram calls and says find out who is this baba, don’t know where did Aradhna go. Reyansh says you got stuck with me. Aradhna says I don’t want to become like you, you filled poison within you, I hate you, I don’t want to become like you. He says I don’t want anyone to become like me. She sees his phone ringing and throws it. She asks where did you hide the camera, tell me. She checks.

She says you want to defame me and make me leave this city, you will make my video and defame me again. Reyansh shouts. Viren says we will make a video call to baba ji. Alka says you should respect us. Malini says Kimaya and Angad love each other. Kimaya says it means Alka doesn’t love me. Angad says stop fighting, else we will marry in court. Viren says children are happy, we should be happy.

Reyansh says look at me, can I do this, cctv was on by mistake, I made a mistake to give the chip to Sunaina. Aradhna cries. He says Dubey leaked the video, don’t you trust me. She pushes him and says I trusted and loved you, I won’t repeat my mistake. He says because of this phone, you couldn’t trust me. He throws and breaks his phone. She asks did you go out, how will we contact someone, you are impossible. He says you are impossible. Kriti’s friends ask her to ask Vikram for a solo. She asks them to handle Aradhna. Arnab asks Komal about Aradhna. Komal asks why. He says love is in the air, I like Aradhna, where is she. Komal jokes on her. Kriti asks where is Vikram. Arnab says he would have taken Aradhna somewhere, he has Naagin eyes, he gets touchy, ask him to stay away. Komal says he is causing panic, go to terrace, they might be shooting there, despo lovers. Reyansh breaks things and asks where is the camera. Aradhna stops him and says your hand is bleeding. He asks are you worried for me. She also breaks the things. They get the alcohol bottles. He sits to drink. Aradhna says you drink a lot, I hate it. He asks would you love me if I don’t drink.

He asks her to drink it as a medicine. She says I understand, you hurt yourself to get an excuse to drink. He says this erases my pain. She goes away and sits. She feels thirsty and looks for water. He asks her to drink alcohol. She refuses.

Aradhna drinks with Reyansh. She asks didn’t you come to take revenge. Reyansh says I have come to apologize, I love….

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