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Anu happy that her admission is confirmed and says once I am donw with online interview my category will be decided. David asks Anu, why is she so happy. Anu says she got admission in Dhaba Acting Academy in New Jersey. David asks why does she want to do acting. Anu says she is bored of grooming classes and wants to purse her long last wish of becoming an actor. David says all the best and asks did you tell Vibhu? Anu says he will unnecessary create issues we will keep it hidden and my classes will be late night. David says late night, its very risky. Anu says these are online classes and it will be day in America and so night here.

Vibhu on call, says he doesn’t have money. A fly annoys him. Beggar sees him and asks him to come near him and asks do you know famous poet Zalluludin. Vibhu says yes I do. Beggar says thats me, whats your name. Vibhu introduces himself. Zalluludin says I saw you getting rid of the fly and I see you are in rhythm and he was same in his childhood and offers him to sing Kawali. Vibhu says not interested and leaves.

Vibhu and David having a cup of tea. Vibhu tells David about Zalluludin. David says Zalluludin is very famous, I know him, I have spent 2-2.5Cr on him. Vibhu says were you out of your mind. David says we arranged his shows and earned a lot but he returned to India and spent all his money, he had almost 5 Cr. Vibhu says I don’t believe this and Kawali is out dated.

Angoori in kitchen listening to kawali. Vibhu greets her and asks her is she a fan of Kawali. Angoori says yes I enjoy listening to kawali, I love it and can see a kawali artist sing for hours. Vibhu says then why didn’t you marry a kawali artist. Angoori says Tiwari had told me when we met that he is a kawali artist and later after marriage I found that he was lying. Angoori tells Vibhu, even today sometimes she likes to listen to kawali alone in the night. Vibhu asks her what will she do when she will meet a kawali artist. Angoori wow even the thought excites me, if I see one I will go get his autograph.

Anu giving her online interview. Tiwari sees her through his window and misunderstands Anu is having an affair. Anu sings a romantic song for her interview. Tiwari feels bad and leaves.

Vibhu visits Zalluludin and starts buttering him and requests him to accept him as his student. Zalluludin says I will teach you but you need a team. Vibhu says I will arrange everything. Zalluludin hands him a wig and says this is my guru’s wig and so I am passing it to you, you will wear it during our practice.

Tillu and Teeka at tea stall singing songs. Vibhu walks to them and says from today onwards you will sing Kawali. Tillu asks do you want us to beg, as we don’t know anything about kawali. Vibhu says you will earn in lakhs, I am making a team for kawali and organise shows and earn huge. Teeka and Tillu agree. Saxena walks to Vibhu and says Kawali is in his family. Vibhu requests him to join his team. Saxena says sure only if you promise to hit me and slap me.
Vibhu slaps him, Saxena accepts his offer.

Pre cap: Anu asks Tiwari not to disturb her. Tiwari feels bad and leaves.
Vibhu tells Angoori he is now a kawali artist.
Tiwari sees Anu taking her acting lessons and thinks she is madly in love with someone else.

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