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Tiwari is disturbed after finding out about Anu. Angoori gets tea for Tiwari. Angoori tells their marriage anniversary is close and asks him where is taking her for a trip. Tiwari says where did I take you last time. Angoori says you took me to New Zealand. Tiwari says don’t fool around. Angoori says do you I have any choice, you never take me to any trips. Angoori gets a call from Ammaji. Ammaji says to Angoori, as their marriage anniversary is close, Pandit Ramphal checked your kundali and have asked you two to celebrate the anniversary and it will help for a prosperous future. Angoori gets excited about the party.

Tiwari sees Anu in the kitchen and greets her. Anu says I am busy I will talk to you later. Tiwari says oh nice, now you have forgotten your old people. Anus ays what nonsense are you talking. Tiwari feels bad and says don’t worry I won’t disturb you. Anu asks him to leave and not stand there. Tiwari says to her, you never said earlier that I disturb you. Anus ays really, in that case it must be to not hurt you. Tiwari feels bad and says I will never come to you and starts crying. Anu says this is why I must have not said before. Anu gets a call from Meenal. Anu asks Tiwari to leave and asks him to check on Chachaji.

Tiwari hears Anu and Meenal talk. Anu says to Meenal, she was bored of her old life and so she has made some changes and feels so energetic at night. Tiwari feels bad.

Angoori praises Vibhu as the Kawali Artist. Vibhu calls her begum and Angoori calls him Shauhar and both talk to each other romantically and Angoori insists Vibhu on having kids. Vibhu promises her kids. Angoori asks him to get milk and Jalebi and feeds him paan with her hands.
Vibhu bites Masterji’s hand while daydreaming about Angoori. Gupta and Masterji scold Vibhu for his behaviour. Masterji asks Vibhu to get himself checked by mental hosiptal. Gupta says yes Vibhu should talk to Saxena.

Angoori reaches home, Vibhu greets her and tells her about his Kawali team. Angoori gets excited. Vibhu says I have even begun practising. Angoori says very nice.

Teeka, Tillu, Vibhu and Saxena at Kawali practice and lot of mosquitoes biting them. Zalluludin enjoying his kebabs. Vibhu asks him to begin their rehearsals. Zalluludin says killing mosquites by clipping is part of your practice, this will help you build rhythm. Saxena asks Vibhu to practice on his cheeks. Vibhu says these mosquitoes are dangerous we may suffer with dengue, malaria and die soon. Zalluludin says Kawali are resistant to all this keep practising.

Anu in her kitchen, starts her classes to avoid Vibhu seeing her. Tiwari sees Anu in the kitchen. Anu is asked to narrate her monologue with feelings. Anu in her act talks about Varun her love. Tiwari mistakes it as Anu’s affair and thinks I understand you don’t love Vibhu but i can’t see you following for someone else. Tiwari hurt hearing Anu say Varun I love you and starts crying.

Vibhu has his face covered because of the mosquito bites. He greets Angoori and tells her, he is now a kawali artist trained by Zalluludin. Angoori says that’s great but why are you hiding your face? Vibhu says forget that I will give you my live performance. Angoori says you made me so happy, once I went with Daddu to hear Kawali and I enjoyed so much that I danced with the artist. Vibhu leaves.

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