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Kuljit says I am not interested to see you this way but for security reasons, I have to. Vibhu says to remember you were so soft when we were in college and tells everyone how he use to cry at every breakup. Everyone laughs. Kuljit asks who are you. Vibhu says don’t you remember me. Kuljit says Vibhu is that you. Vibhu says yes. Kuljit says it’s been a long time and you use to date Anita. Vibhu says yes. Kuljit asks are you married. Vibhu says yes we are happily married. Kuljit says you are lucky to have her. Vibhu asks are you married. Kuljit says no. Kuljit’s secretary gets coffee. Kuljit lets everyone have it except Vibhu and says you are worth only tea stall tea nothing else. Vibhu leaves the room. Kuljit tells others that he hates Vibhu since college days. Tiwari requests Kuljit to leave their model colony. Kuljit says I can get you nice money against your houses nothing else.

Model colony people together in a meeting and decide that they will protest and not take money from Kuljit. Prem says but if he is paying nice I don’t mind. Gupta says yes, why not accept a good offer. Angoori says I agree with Gupta. Tiwari and Vibhu lose their calm. Vibhu says but we all have our emotions here our relations, this model colony gave us our first place to live. Vibhu says and this colony has taken care of us like a mother. Everyone gets emotional. Vibhu asks for a pole on who all want to stay. Only Vibhu and Tiwari raise hand.

Angoori tells Tiwari she is going to Ammaji. Tiwari begs her not to leave. Vibhu falls in Angoori’s feet and says without you this colony will be lifeless. Angoori says I don’t care, I am leaving thats it. Angoori gets in the car. Vibhu and Tiwari beg her to stop. Vibhu says you have to kill me to cross the lane. Angoori says okay and reverses the car and hits Vibhu at full speed. Vibhu wakes up scared and realises it was just a dream. David asks what’s wrong. Vibhu tells him about his dream.

Angoori and Vibhu in the kitchen discuss how much they will miss the model colony. Angoori mentions every single, thing and animal from the model colony. Vibhu says won’t you miss anyone else. Angoori says I will like, Teeka, Tillu, Masterji, our vegetable vendor. Vibhu keeps pointing at himself but Angoori doesn’t get it. Vibhu feels bad.
Angoori gets a call and leaves. Teeka sees Vibhu crying and asks what’s wrong. Vibhu says I am sad. Teeka says here have some alcohol. Vibhu has the whole bottle. Teeka takes his chopped vegetables and leaves.

Tiwari sees an engineer in the colony and asks who are you and what are you doing here? Engineer says he is here to survey for new KK Mall which will be built by Kuljit. Tiwari points at Mishra’s house and asks what will be built there. The engineer says washrooms. Tiwari gets upset. The engineer asks Tiwari to shut up and let him work. Tiwari says this house belongs to a living goddess. The engineer gets angry and says I will go complain about you to the builder and leaves.

Tiwari keeps thinking about the washroom will be constructed in place of Mishra’s house. Vibhu walks to Tiwari and asks whats wring. Tiwari tells vibhu that a public toilet will be constructed in place of his house. Angoori hears that and gets angry. Tiwari says what will we do now, I am so clueless. Vibhu says we have to meet the financier and not deal with Kuljit, we will target his seniors. Saxena walks to them and says his plan is ready, when bulldozer will come he will lie beneath it and his only request is to send his body to Agra they want to build a temple in his name. Vibhu says we will do that later, now lets go find Sarkuda. Angoori says to Saxena its her order to find Sarkuda. Saxena gets emotional about Angoori and says I will find Sarkuda.

Pre cap: Kuljit says that everyone from Model Colony will be thrownout.
Angoori shares an idea with Tiwari.
Tiwari meets Vibhu and says I have idea, we will send Angoori to meet Sarkuda. vibhu gets angry and says how dare you.

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