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Tiwari on call discussing about the rates for per plate food says I can give 150rs per plate. Angoori walks to him and asks him how is the arrangement going. Tiwari cribs on the situation says because of Ammaji we will loose around 5-6 lakhs, we will go broke. Angoori says but anniversary is yours so why are you worried a lot. Tiwari says but we can do same thing in budget. Angoori says I’ll tell Ammaji that you are not in mood for celebrating anniversary. Tiwari asks her not to tell Ammaji. Angoori says please make proper arrangements because I have booked Vibhu for his kavali. Tiwari says do you have any sense, he scolds her and compare her with Saxena. Angoori says it’s my anniversary too that’s why I booked him for Kavali. Tiwari asks her about the charges. She says 25,000/-. Tiwari in shock.

Tiwari asks Angoori are all the arrangements done. Angoori says yes but waiters are not here. Tiwari says I asked caterer to send few people for serving food but still no one is here. Angoori says don’t worry I’ll serve the food. Tiwari says no need it’s our anniversary, Tiwari calls Gupta and asks him about Waiter, he shouts at him and hung up. Angoori asks what happen. He says Gupta is accusing me for kidnapping his waiters. Angoori gets scared and says now you will go to jail. Tiwari says I’m scared guests will be coming soon. Vibhu with his team walks to Tiwari and greets him. Angoori greets them. Vibhu asks where we have to sit. Angoori tells. Tiwari mocks them and they start arguing. Angoori asks Tiwari to stop disrespecting them. Tiwari says to Vibhu I need to talk something.

Tiwari says yo Vibhu please do m a favour my waiters are not here till now so can you help me with hospitality. Vibhu says we are not waiters we are artist. Tiwari says I respect artist. Tillu mocks him and says earlier you were scolding us. Tiwari start begging Vibhu for help. Angoori says to Vibhu please understand it’s about Tiwari’s respect. Vibhu get back to Tillu, Teeka and Saxena for discussion and asks them if they want to earn some more money. Teeka and Tillu asks him to discuss money with Tiwari. Vibhu says to Tiwari they are ready to serve food.

Everyone in party. Saxena serving food to everyone. Prem asks David from when did Vibhu started hospitality service. David says he started today. Master and Prem mocks Vibhu for his work. Vibhu says an artist can do anything. Rusa says to Tillu and Teeka you were here for kavali but why are you doing hospitality service. Tiwari mocks them. David forget this and let’s give blessings to couple.

David calls Vibhu and asks him what nonsense are you doing, you wwre here for the performance. Vibhu says I’m getting extra money.

Vibhu says to Tiwari party is done now let’s begin the kavali. Tiwari says wait a minute. A man walks to Tiwari says your food and service is great. Vibhu try to explain his profession but Tiwari interrupts and says they are very professional waiters. Vibhu says now let’s begin with the kavali. Tiwari says if you will start your kavali then it won’t look great. Angoori walks in with her phuphaji. Phuphaji asks Tiwari to get contacts of waiters. Tiwari saya don’t worry. Vibhuasks Tiwari to pay total 29,000/- for kavali and serving food. Tiwari says serving food is not your profession and you did not sing Kavali so no money for you and asks them to leave.

Tiwari on call with mosaji. Vibhu walks to Tiwari with Happu Singh and Manohar. Tiwari asks Happu why are you here. Happu says tell me why aren’t you paying him. Vibhu explains everything to Happu Singh how Tiwari cheated him. Tiwari says if I ask my waiters to do kavali then no one will respect me everyone will think I’m cheap. Manohar says he is right even waiters can go to jail because of this. Vibhu says I’m an artist I was here to sing Kavali and if he didn’t ask us to sing then it’s not our fault. Happu asks Tiwari why didn’t you ask them to sing. Tiwari says all of my guests were hungry so I served food to them. Happu explains Vibhu about the situation. Vibhu says but after dinner we could have sung Kavali. Happu asks Manohar to look into case. Tiwari says to Manohar please come and meet me during afternoon time. Manohar says when Vibhu didn’t sung Kavali then why he need money, I think Tiwari is right it’s his fault. Vibhu congratulates Manohar for taking bribe and says to Tiwari you will pay for it, he walks away.

Teeka, Tillu and Saxena in market. Tillu and Teeka discussing about going to haridwar after getting money. Saxena says you won’t get single penny. Teeka says don’t talk nonsense, your payment is also pending. Saxena says don’t worry I can get my payment but what about you, can you work with slaps. Vibhu walks to them and asks for tea. Tillu asks Teeka to talk about money. Teeka says I’m scared. Teeka and Tillu asks him about payment. Vibhu explains them whole situation. Saxena asks Vibhu about his payment. Vibhu slaps him. Teeka and Tillu start cribbing and disrespect Vibhu. A man walks and asks about Vibhu. Vibhu says tell me what can I do for you. He says I heard about your performance yesterday it was great. Teeka says we were just practicing. Man says I want to take you all to Dubai in a Sheikh’s wedding. Vibhu says it will be expensive because it’s international and our charges will be 3 lakhs. Man says who charges 3 lakhs for doing waiter work. Vibhu says we do kavali. Man says I’m here to higher you as waiter, you will be paid 50,000/-rs and will be able to spend time in Dubai. Everyone start hitting him.

PreCap: Commissioner says government has appointed a special collector from each society and his name is Manmohan Tiwari.
Tiwari watching news get’s excited.
Vibhu serving food to Tiwari, David, Anu and Angoori. David asks why are you having suger free food ar you diabetic. Angoori says no he got piles. Tiwari saya this daal is so spicy. Vibhu says it’s mu mother’s recipe. Tiwari about to say something about recipe but Vibhu slaps him.
Vibhu leaving home because Tiwari transferred him for disrespecting collector.
Anu sees Jaazy, she gets excited and dances with him. Tiwari feels bas after seeing them together.

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