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Tiwari asks Vibhu to behave properly with Kuljit when he comes. Teeka asks David this alcohol looks fake, it doesn’t look like Tiwari’s party. David says yes it tastes like lemonade. Tiwari says because this is lemonade so that you all don’t get drunk and misbehave. Vibhu says you are right we have to be careful.

Kuljit walks in, and Vibhu greets him. Kuljit insults him in return. Prem says but we are college friends. Kuljit says no we aren’t. Kuljit’s boss Sarkuda comes in on a wheelchair and his security carries a tabla. Kuljit says Sarkuda communicates this way. Vibhu praises Sarkuda. Angoori walks in and greets Sarkuda. David tries to butter Sarkuda calling him a 40-year-old. Angoori says what nonsense he clearly looks like 60 year old. Sarkuda says only she looks honest and likes her.

Teeka and Tillu serve Sarkuds alcohol. Kuljit asks them to make Sir Sarkuda a proper peg. Sarkuda takes a sip and spits it and says this is why I have moved to London. Kuljit asks Vibhu and Tiwari, such a reputed personality is here and how dare you insult him, he is so upset that he wishes to throw you out right away. Vibhu begs him not to or else they will be homeless. All start praising Sarkuda to butter him. Kuljit says Sarkuda is very angry this isn’t helping. Angoori says allow me and narrates a poem calling Sarkuda a vulture but Sarkuda loves it.

Men of the model colony together discuss what they can do to trick Kuljit and Sarkuda. Tillu suggests sending Saxena as a woman. Vibhu says no, Saxena gets so much into character he gets carried away. Masterji suggests Tillu. Tiwari says he looks like a pr*stitute. Everyone come down to Teeka and says he is the best who can get Kuljit and Sarkuda. Everyone praises Teeka he blushes.

Teeka dressed as a woman goes to meet Kuljit and introduces herself as Sweety. Sweety asks Kujit will he be friends with her. Kuljit says why should I, you looks so scary and ugly. He insults her. Sweety leaves.

Tiwari drinking and says God I have done everything I could but I can’t stay away from Anita Bhabhiji. Tiwari hears Anita’s voice. Angoori asks Tiwari why is he still up. Tiwari says I am just living last few days here in our colony. Angoori says didn’t you get any solution. Tiwari’s ays we sent Teeka but nothing worked. Angoori asks how about I protest? Tiwari says he will get away with it. Angoori says people call you cunning use that cunningness here, anyways I have an idea.

Vibhu next day visits Tiwari house. Tiwari tells him about Angoori’s idea that she will go to Kulta and trick him get property papers from him. Vibhu says this idea is brilliant. Angoori tells Vibhu the whole plan in detail. Angoori says I will act as if I am in love with the builder. Vibhu says Kulta is not an easy guy. Vibhu says like you are a good dancer, so you should try that. Angoori says no worries I will dance. Vibhu says you should practice first, here I am playing music please dance. Angoori starts practising and Vibhu enjoys it. Tiwari walks in and sees Vibhu enjoying Tiwari’s dance and gets angry.

Pre cap: Kuljit gets call from his men that Vibhuti and Tiwari have acquired the papers and the land is theres now.
Kuljit goes to model colony and shoots Vibhuti and tiwari./strong>

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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