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Vibhu says to Tiwari, I have saved model colony promise me you will tell your children my stories. Tiwari says I promise. Kuljit says to Vibhu the bullet was fake. Vibhu says I know and gets up. Kuljit picks up the gun with real bullets and shoots Vibhu. Kuljit asks Tiwari to hand him the file or even he will be shot dead. Anu’s dupatta falls on Tiwari and he denies to return the file. Kuljit shoots Tiwari. Vibhu takes the file from Tiwari and gives it to David. Kuljit asks David to give him file. Ramkali’s blouse falls on him and he denotes to gove the file. Kuljit warns him that he will shoot him. David says okay, here take this file. Commissioner walks to Kuljit and points gun at him and says surrender or else you will be encountered. David says please help me take Vibhu and Tiwari to the hospital.

Angoori rushes to get Gupta or Prem or anyone who can help her. Everyone gathers and asks what happened. Angoori asks for help to save Tiwari and Vibhu but sees no response. Masterji says Kuljit is paying us then why protest against him? Prem says I agree and instead of convincing us you should talk to Tiwari. Angoori says I feel ashamed, two people are trying to save your house and you don’t respect that, you all have forgotten what freedom is are okay to be slaves. Angoori says I will save them and leaves.
Gupta, Prem and Masterji’s wives ask their husbands how can they not support them, and when a woman can why can’t they?
Everyone agrees.

Everyone in the hospital praying for Tiwari and Vibhu’s recovery.
Vibhu and Tiwari inside the hospital start blaming each other for overacting. Vibhu says we were carried away by emotions. Gupta says I am going to operate on you two, I will be giving you anaesthesia now.
Except for the head, the whole body of Tiwari and Vibhu are numbed. Gupta says I don’t have general anaesthesia only local so you two keep talking and keep each other distracted I will operate in meanwhile.

Prem crying. Teeka says to him, I never knew you love him so much. Prem says Vibhu has to pay me back 7 lakhs and if he dies I will lose a lot of money.
Anu gives Angoori a call. Angoori says do not worry we all are here and Tiwari and Vibhu are getting operated.
Gupta tells Tiwari and Vibhu the operation is successful.
Gupta informs everyone that the operations as successful.

Commissioner greets everyone during the felicitation program in the name of Vibhu, Tiwari and Angoori. Commissioner thanks them for their contribution to saving their houses. Manohars ays ANgoori Bhabhi played such an important role. Vibhu says correctly, from an innocent lady to a glamorous girl. Tiwari says I was so furious but just for my colony and with Angoori’s daredevil steps we could deal with this situation.
Angoori greets everyone and says always remember fear makes us weak instead we should face our problems. Everyone praises Angoori and cheer for her.

Pre cap: Vibhu and Tiwari drunk. Vibhu tells Anu he gave Prem tip and he won a huge amount in shares. tiwari asks Vibhu for tips. Anu asks Vibhu not to share any tips with Tiwari.
Angoori tells Tiwari, Daddu has lot of knowledge about this and he can help him.
Vibhu makes Angoori keep finger on companies and invests and wins huge amount but Tiwari on other hand loses in Bhorilal’s guidance.
Tiwari learns about Vibhu’s trick.

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