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Angoori and Tiwari are sitting together. Angoori tells Tiwari that she heard that market is down right now, so she suggests him to buy some stocks of few companies. Tiwari tells her that it’s not easy, and it require a lot of knowledge. Angoori says, her Dad can help him. Tiwari says her father doesn’t help, he got upset and left somewhere. Angoori’s Daidu comes in and Tiwari gets scared. Angoori welcomes him. Angoori asks her Dad to give some tips regarding Stocks to Tiwari. Tiwari also agrees with her. Angoori’s dad asks Tiwari for the name of the companies. Tiwari recites every name and He advises him wether to buy the stock of that company or not.

Vibhu is also listing out all the names of the the companies for buying stocks on a paper. Vibhu goes to Angoori’s kitchen after writing all the names. Vibhu calls Angoori’s name. Angoori shows up. Vibhu greets her and she also greets him back. Vibhu asks Angoori to play “Chidiya Udd” with him. Angoori agrees with him. Vibhu takes out the paper on which the names are written and places on the top of the chopping board. Vibhu and Angoori starts their game on the paper. Vibhu notices wherever Angoori is pointing her finger, after every game to select the companies for buying the stocks. Vibhu and Angoori plays it several times and Vibhu notices wherever Angoori has pointed her finger. Vibhu picks the out companies with the help of Angoori.

Bhoore Lal and Tiwari are drinking together. Tiwari is drunk and asks him if he can kiss him? Bhoore lal tells him that he knows that why he wants to love him. Tiwari asks, why? He says, because he helped him in buying stocks. Tiwari appreciates Bhoore lal’s knowledge in stocks. Tiwari asks Bhoore Lal to stay with him and help with the stocks. Bhoore Lal says he cannot because also have to do his work too, he just came here because Angoori asked for help.

Anu and Vibhu are sitting together. Anu is scolding Vibhu because he invested a lot of money in wrong stocks. Anu tells Vibhu that he should have invested in Ram Pyare Traders. David also agrees with Anu and says that he advised Vibhu to invest in that stocks. Vibhu says that he wasn’t aware of that fact, and thought Pappu Petroleum would do wonders for him.
Anu tells Vibhu that he has sent his birth chart to Pandit Ramfal. Vibhu says that he doesn’t believe in him. Vibhu gets frustrated and asks Anu, why did she even do that. Anu says that AmmaJi is arriving and will get the results from Ramfal.
Angoori and AmmaJi comes in and settles down with them. Everyone greets each other. Anu asks AmmaJi about Vibhu’s birth chart? AmmaJi tells Anu that Ramfal said she’s a bad luck for Vibhu according to birth chart. Anu and Vibhu gets shocked. Vibhu gets sad. Angoori tells Anu that she has stay away from Vibhu for a while. Anu decides to leave Vibhu alone for few days.

Prem is sad and sitting at the tea stall. Teeka, Tillu, MasterJi and Dr.Gupta shows up. Gupta tries to console Prem because the stocks he bought got depreciated. MasterJi tells Prem that he should have bought shares of the company he suggested. Rusa shows up and asks Teeka and Tillu if they are ready for a movie? Both of them agrees. Rusa thanks them for helping her doubling the money. She leaves.
Now, Saxena shows up and interviews everyone about the share market.

Bhoore Lal and Tiwari and sitting together focusing on the share market. Bhoore Lal is helping Tiwari with the share to buy. Tiwari buys all the shares which he suggests.

David and Vibhu are also buying stocks. Anu packed her bags and tells them that she’s leaving. David and Vibhu casually says good bye to her and goes back to buying shares. Anu proceeds to leave. Angoori watches her leave and gets worried for her.

PreCap: Vibhu again goes to Angoori to list the name of shares to buy. Tiwari spots him and records Vibhu. Anu calls Vibhu and asks that why is he not even talking to her? David tells Vibhu that they lost 5 lacs. Vibhu blames it on Anu.
Tiwari also uses the same trick as Vibhu.
Vibhu gets profit and Tiwari gets loss.

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