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Vibhu investing in stocks. David asks him to join him have drinks. Vibhu says okay, I will work for some more time so lets go ahead. David says to Vibhu, you have so much money why are we living on streets. Vibhu says this is because this is the area where my luck has started and my lucky chark stays here so this is the best place. Angoori gets food for Vibhu and David. Vibhu thanks her for taking care of them.

Tiwari wakes up Angoori and asks her to play with him the game. Angoori wakes up irritated and forcefully plays with Tiwari. Tiwari keeps stock list to try his luck too. Angoori gets irritated and says you spilt my sleep and says I am going on a walk.
Vibhu and David asleep, Angoori puts blanket on Vibhu, Vibhu holds her hand. Angoori says Tiwari will wake up and people will look us with wrong intentions. David slaps Vibhu and says stop sleep talking.

Anu tries calling Vibhu but he doesn’t answer. Vibhu asks David to check who is calling him. David says its Anu. Vibhu greets Anu. Anu asks where are you staying, Sharam has thrown you out of the house. Vibhu says don’t worry I am completely fine and have a decent setup. Anu says I know you are staying on footpath, why don’t you buy a house. Vibhu says this place is lucky for me and so I want to stay here. David tells Vibhu that he has lost lot of shares. Vibhu gets angry and asks Anu not to call him.
Davdi says just talking on call has lost him lakhs and says keep distance from Anu for somedays.

Manohar visits Vibhu and says he has to empty this place. Vibhu asks why, I am just staying on a footpath. Manohar says I have a good news for you, the case is sorted and you can go back in the house and here is a letter sent by Sharamaji. Vibhu says what a great news, we will have a mind blowing party. Manohar says do invite me in this splendid party. David says yes sure.

Vibhu throws a party at his house. Everyone praising Vibhu except Tiwari. Vibhu says you all are performing well too in stocks. Teeka says you are our guru we are nowhere close to you. Anu standing outside and sees Vibhu and says if I bring bad luck to Vibhu, I will stay away from him because all I want is to see him successful.
Angoori enters the party and wishes him. Angoori tells Vibhu Anu is waiting outside.
Vibhu walks to Anu and says he can’t live without her, this money is nothing all he wants his her presence in his life, she brings happiness in his life and only she matters and not all the money. Anu says I love you and hugs him.

Bhorilal leaving Tiwari house, Tiwari doesn’t take any initiative to stop him. Bhorilal calls Tiwari selfish, tiwari says to him the truth is he is useless and knows nothing about stocks. Bhorilal loses his calm. Angoori asks him what is wrong. Bhorilal says your husband is insulting me. Tiwari says you made me go through so much loss. Everyone walks in and tells that share market is down and they have lost.

Vibhu tells David he lost all his money in market. David says you invested in all wrong stocks. Vibhu says why didn’t you stop me. Anu says this is all because of me, I am the reason behind your unemployment, your bad luck. Vibhu says this is not true. Anu says I am curse for you, i shouldn’t stay with you and asks David to take care of Vibhu and says I will go away from here. Vibhu says I can’t live without you, please be as you were like normal. Anu says sure and asks David to wash clothes and Vibhu to make her a cup of coffee.

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