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Tiwari asks Angoori for mango pickle. Angoori gets him. Tiwari says sorry I meant jackfruit pickle. Angoori says okay and gets it. Tiwari says its Monday today, I don’t eat jackfruit on Monday so get garlic pickle. Angoori says okay and gets it. Tiwari says its Monday right, I can’t eat garlic too so get gobi pickle. Angoori says enough, what’s wrong with you I can’t keep running like this. Tiwari says I have vegetables and pickles based on days and there are some vegetables that look like non- veg. Angoori says whatever, do a thing get a servant I can’t do this anymore and now go give this kheer at Mishra’s, Anu has asked me to take care of them.

Vibhu and David cook and talk about slavery. Tiwari walks in and hears them talk. David talking about Tiwari who ruled Kanpur. Vibhu asks how old was the king. David says he ruled till he was 235 yrs, he was very strong and it will take 15-20 days if I have to tell you about Tiwari history and your great great grand father was a close slave of Khalibali Tiwari the king. Vibhu says any one alive from the family. David says no records and if someone from the family comes to see us we have to bow to them, they are our God. Vibhu asks do you have any photos. David says I do and shows him a photo. Tiwari over hears all the conversation and leaves.

Angoori walks to Tiwari in the bedroom and says she is very romantic and sings for him. Tiwari switches off the lights and says I will come to you singing. Tiwari sees Saxena at the window and asks what are you doing sneaking through our window. Saxena says I need raddi for my recycle business. Angoori gets Saxena Raddi and says come tomorrow I will give you some more. Saxena says to Tiwari, he is doing this for the country and peoples God, please support. Tiwari asks him to leave and pushes him.

Tiwari sees David is asleep and sneaks in, and starts looking for the photo. David in sleep thinks its Jama and holds his hand. Tiwari gets awkward and pulls his hand. Tiwari finds the photo and leaves.

Angoori next day performing pooja. Vibhu sees her and gets mesmerized. Vibhu greets Angoori and tells her about the stories David told him about Tiwari Royal Family and to make Angoori understand who Khadim is he gives reference of Teeka and Tillu who are useless slave where as Vibhu’s family was Royal Khadim.
Gupta, Prem and Masterji join them and troll Vibhu.

Tiwari visits a Xerox shop and asks him to enlarge the photo for him. Tiwari asks him to get a clearer version and murmurs I have to prank my neighbour.

Precap: Tiwari gets an enlarged photo and shows it to David. David falls in Tiwari’s feet and asks Vibhu to be his slave.
Tiwari makes Vibhu his slave and tortures him.

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