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Angoori and Tiwari giving their scrap to Saxena. Saxena says I can give you 2000Rs in return. Angoori says you just give me 1Rs and that is enough. Tiwari says to Angoori don’t act stupid this scrap costs a lot. Saxena calls Tiwari a contributor to global warming and explains to Angoori what global warming is. Tiwari sees David and Vibhu and starts acting and says did you see my great great grandfather’s picture. Angoori says here it is. David sees the photo and gets emotional. Angoori says to Tiwari you never spoke about him, Tiwari says how dare you throw this is scrap, he is our God and I can’t tolerate this behaviour.
David says to Vibhu that Tiwari is our God, and rushes to Tiwari and keeps his feet on his forehead. David says to Tiwari, I am your slave. Tiwari says our slaves were Mishra family and was named Akriti Mishra, are you part of the same Mishra family? David says yes, I am Akriti Narayan Mishra’s great great great grandson. David calls Vibhu and asks him to worship Tiwari. David forcefully asks Vibhu to touch Tiwari’s feet.
Vibhu doesn’t agree, David slaps him and Vibhu under pressure keeps Tiwari’s feet on his head.

David and Vibhu drinking. David constantly prays looking at Tiwari’s house. Vibhu says what nonsense have you started, we can’t deal with ourselves and you have pulled one more responsibility. David says it’s our culture our heritage. Vibhu says that doesn’t mean we become some stupid man’s slave. David slaps Vibhu and says dare you say a word against our God, just do as asked.

Angoori dressed as queen and dances. Vibhu walks to her and says you look so different and pretty. Angoori says I am from a royal family and so I am dressed as the part. Vibhu says you are looking very beautiful. Tiwari walks down dressed as a king and David his slave. Tiwari asks Angoori not to waste her time on useless people. David says he is not useless he is my nephew and also your Khadim. Tiwari says ask him to be in his limits and bow before me and my queen. David says to Vibhu, he has to respect their God. Tiwari asks Vibhu where is your dress code. Vibhu asks what dress code. David says a boxer and Baniyan go wear it. Vibhu says he can’t, he is uncomfortable. David says I have an idea, Vibhu will wear dress code on his trousers and shirt. Angoori says nice idea. Vibhu says I won’t wear this. David slaps Vibhu and says how dare you deny Tiwari’s request. Vibhu asks what should I do. Tiwari says take my queen to market and let her shop. Vibhu gets happy and says I will do this work.

Vibhu dressed in the dress code takes Angoori shopping. Angoori buys vegetables, Vibhu is very happy to be around her. Angoori slips while walking and falls in Vibhu’s arm. Angoori blushes and Vibhu stares in her eyes. Vibhu realises it was just his imagination.
Everyone in market makes fun of Vibhu because of his outfit. Angoori takes Vibhu’s side and asks everyone to not make fun of him.

Gupta and Masterji at tea stall discussing news. Teeka and Tillu arrive and start taking everyones new papers and leave.
Teeka and Tillu helping Saxena gather scrap and Saxena pays them 5000rs.
Prem walks to Saxena and tells them Teeka and Tillu have stolen his chairs. Saxena says they have sold it to me and I am in rush I have to leave.

Teeka and Tillu get more scrap and run away seeing prem

Pre cap: Tiwari asks Vibhu to massage him properly.
Tiwari keeps torturing Vibhu and also hits him with hunter for breaking expensive crockery.

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