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Tiwari playing chess with Masterji, prem and Gupta. David and Vibhu around Tiwari as a slave. Tiwari asks Vibhu to massage him properly. Prem asks Tiwari to appoint some other slave as Vibhu is useless. Tillu walks in and requests Tiwari to give him some work. Tiwari Keeps yelling at Vibhu to give a proper massage and slaps him. Tiwari asks Vibhu to massage his feet. Tiwari flaunts his chess skills. Vibhu taunts him. Tiwari invites everyone for a party in the evening at his residence.

David as Tiwari’s slave welcomes the guest. Tiwari and Angoori walk down the stairs as the king and the queen. Vibhu says to the guests they can meet Tiwari and congratulate him. Everyone from the model colony greets Angoori and Tiwari. Saxena insults Tiwari. Tiwari slaps Saxena and he leaves happily.
The commissioner says to Tiwari, that he has some issues with the land and asks if can he help him. Tiwari asks him to enjoy the party and they will discuss the issue tomorrow. David announces that the king and queen will perform and begin the celebration. Angoori and Tiwari dance together and slowly everyone joins them. Vibhu and David get drinks for everyone. Tiwari pushes Vibhu and he falls down with the tray of glass and everything breaks. Tiwari gets angry at Vibhu and abuses him for breaking expensive crockery. David helps Vibhu get up and asks him to apologise to Vibhu and slaps him. Vibhu says he is innocent, someone pushed him. Tiwari says he is making excuses and says I was quiet because of David but he has crossed all lines and now will be punished. Tiwari asks David to get his hunter and hits Vibhu. Everyone gets scared. Angoori stops Tiwari but he doesn’t listen.

Gupta helps Vibhu with an ointment and asks Vibhu why he messes with the Royal family. Vibhu says I didn’t. Gupta says to have this pain killer and stay away from the Royal Family. Vibhu blames david for all the nonsense. Angoori visits Vibhu and apologises for Tiwari’s behaviour and says I will kiss and help you get over all the pain. David pushes Vibhu for kissing him. Vibhu sees David and says what nonsense is this and stop this slavery drama.
David tells Vibhu that Khalibali the third had treasure, and the information wasn’t passed forward and it’s with Tiwari’s and we have to find information from Tiwari’s room. Vibhu says I am in and will help you.

Vibhu giving Tiwari a massage. Tiwari keeps abusing him and asks him to work properly. Tiwari gathers men from model colony and discuss about harvest. Teeka and Tilly ask Tiwari for money but Tiwari slaps them. Angoori walks to them, everyone greets her. Angoori gets breakfast for Tiwari. Tiwari asks David to give some breakfast to everyone. Tiwari snatches Vibhu’s breakfast and asks him to focus on work and not food. Vibhu gets angry and talks to David in code language. Prem asks Tiwari for original documents for a land deal. Tiwari asks David to give Prem documents.
Angoori says Tiwari she wants to go shopping, Tiwari asks Vibhu to take Angoori shopping.

Pre cap: Vibhu sees Angoori having mangoes and sprains Tiwari’s hand while massaging.
Vibhu and David trick Angoori in believing that giving your husband Gulab jamuns filled with chilies helps you conceive. c

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