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Angoori says to Vibhu its raining all over the but not in Kanpur. Vibhu says you have to give them order to rain once you do that it will start raining. Few goons start teasing Angoori on rain. Angoori says to Vibhu who are thye and they are misbehaving with me. Vibhu scolds them for misbehaving. Goons make fun of him and one of the goon snatches her dupatta. Vibhu asks them to give back dupatta. Goons says she is very hot and asks Vibhu to leave Angoori in exchange of dupatta. Vibhu wear his shades and asks Angoori to shift aside. Angoori asks him to start his action and move aside to watch. Vibhu defeat the goons and takes her dupatta back from them. Angoori applauds for him and they walks away.

Gupta in market asks a guy to do photocopy. David walks to shop and greet Gupta. Gupta asks what are you doing here. David says I’m here to get photocopies of few documents, boss asked me to do it. Gupta walks away. David asks photocopy guy for 100 copies of each document and put the bill on his boss name. He asks about his name. David says I can’t say his name it’s a crime. He asks David to ask someone else to take his name, he call a person and asks him to tell Tiwari’s name. He give details about Angoori and walks away. David asks other guy to tell Tiwari’s name. He tell his name to shopkeeper and walks away. David asks shopkeeper to switch on fan. He switches on the fan and photo of Davids great grand owner lands on him. David asks him from where did you get the photo. He says Tiwari asks me to enlarge the photo and asked me to do photocopy. I asked him who he is. He said I don’t know who is he I just want to teach a lesson to my neighbour. David realises the situation and remembers everything.

David and Vibhu sitting together. Vibhu laughing at David and mocks him for his actions. Vibhu says I already knew he is not the master. David says I won’t leave him, now I’ll teach him how to serve. Vibhu asks will you give me a chance to serve. David says don’t worry you will get the chance and they drink.

Vibhuti and David at Tiwari’s house. Tiwari asks them why are you late, he scolds them and asks them massage him. Angoori having mango. Vibhu get’s lost in Angoori and start massaging Tiwari. David standing in balcony. Vibhu get’s up and asks Tiwari to sit down. David jumps on Tiwari from balcony and sit on his shoulder. Tiwari’s bone start cracking.

David in kitchen cooking. Vibhu tell David about Tiwari’s situation. David asks Vibhu to act smart so that he doesn’t understand that we know the truth. Vibhu says now we will use Angoori in our game and asks him to just improvise. David says don’t worry and he tells Angoori is here. Vibhu and David start talking about Khali Bali Surendra Mohan Tiwari about having spicy Gulab Jamun. David says that is the secret of his age and he was father of 16 kids. Angoori in shock. Vibhu I wish Tiwari knew about this then he would be father by now. David says I think he don’t have knowledge about this. Vibhu says to him can I tell him about this remedy. David says you can go and tell him. Vibhu says I’m scared because after that he won’t spare Angoori. Angoori plans to give spicy Gulab jamun to Tiwari. Angoori walks to David says I feel like giving spicy Gulab jamun to Tiwari, do you know how to make them. Vibhu says ofcourse we know how to cook. Angoori says it’s my order to cook spicy Gulab jamun for Tiwari and walks away.

Tiwari and Angoori at dining table. Vibhu helps them to wash there hand. Tiwari asks them to bring royal sweets. Angoori asks him to have royal sweet gulab jamun.
Tiwari takes a bite and feel spice in his mouth.

A reporter taking Saxena’s interview about his oath for clean morden colony and how he recycle the garbage. Balum Dubey introduce himself to Saxena and asks him about the support for his protest. Saxena says I have no support. Gupta says I don’t believe that we are always with you but we don’t know what you are doing. Prem says you are right Gupta sometimes we come in tricky situation because of Saxena. Master says one time he was on hunger strike because of corona.

Tiwari asks them about Sweets. Angoori says this is a remedy for Tiwari’s family for having a child. Tiwari confused. Vibhu and David explains him about the remedy. Tiwari says there is nothing like that. Vibhu says then what about Tiwari family legacy and explain him you are also born because of spicy gulab jamun and it’s also mentioned in a book. David requests him to have spicy gulab jamun. Tiwari says what if I say no. Vibhu says it’s clearly mentioned in book if someone denys to have spicy gulab jamun we can force him to have it.

UpdatePrecap: Angoori counts the Gulab jamun and feeding Tiwari. Vibhu says to Angoori you are counting wrong David asks him to count. Angoori says let’s begin from one.
Tiwari asks Vibhu what are you doing. Vibhu says it’s necessary to show your strength. Tiwari says I don’t want to do it. Angoori give hunter and says this will help to prove your strength. David start beating him with hunter.

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