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Angoori singing and working in the garden. Vibhu walks to her and says I wish all wives would think like you do. Angoori says I would say same about you, you take so much care of Anu, you cook for her, make her fav coffee, look after the house, massage her legs, I have seen you so many times and she also told me you are great at massaging. Vibhu thinks what a weird woman Anu is. Angoori says to Vibhu, I like this quality of yours. Tiwari walks to them and says to Vibhu, stop wasting my wife’s time. Vibhu tells him that Angoori just complimented him as a best husband. Tiwari starts laughing and says I am the one he is useless. Angoori and Vibhu start laughing together and call Tiwari humorous. Angoori says to Tiwari, you make me work all day and do nothing for me. Tiwari says you do it yourself I have never forced you to. Vibhu says this is abuse and I will raise my voive for it.

Saxena walks to them with sweets and says I am the head of women empowerment and will fight for all the injustice against women. Saxena asks Angoorit to call him if Tiwari troubles her. Angoori says sure but all good here. Teeka and Tillu walk to them and inform them that they are being appointed as reporters for U TV.

David chatting on online dating app, via Vibhu’s profile. The woman tells David that she is going to cross borders for him and visit him. David asks her is this photo yours and how old is it.

Anu trekking, takes a break and makes a call to Vibhu. David pics the call. Anu asks where is Vibhu and what are you doing on my laptop. David calls Vibhu. Vibhu says I am missing you so much when are you coming. Anu says I have just started, if you are missing me a lot I will come back. Vibhu says finish your work and then come. Anu says there’s land slide here and it will take time to clear the road. Vibhu says okay take care bye.
Vibhu asks David to be careful with the search history and also lot of honey trap cases going on.

Teeka and Tillu argue on who has stolen each other’s news. Gupta, Master and Prem walk to them discussing about Janmashtami arrangements. Tillu says lets celebrate Janmashtami grandly. Masterji asks prem for 5000/- donation. Orem runs away.

Reshma visits model colony and calls Tiwari uncle. Tiwari asks her who is she visiting. Reshma asks for Vibhu and says I am his bride. Tiwari asks are you here for one night stand. Reshma slaps Tiwari. Tiwari shows her the house and hides.

David opens the door and is shocked to see Reshma. Reshma introduces herself and says me and Vibhu met on social media and are very close friends, can I see him. Reshma calls Vibhu. Vibhu asks her who is she. Reshma hugs him and says I am Reshma from the neighbouring country. Vibhu says you have the wrong address and shuts the door.
Reshma breaksdown and collapses. David opens the door and sees Reshma and asks Vibhu to call the doctor.

Gupta asks Vibhu, who is this woman. Vibhu says I don’t know who she is. David says but she knows you. Gupta says if no one knows her, introduce her to me. Gupta asks Vibhu for extra money to keep this news hidden. Vibhu gets angry and scolds him. Gupta is about to leave. Reshma gains consciousness. Gupta, David and Vibhu argue about from where Reshma is.
Reshma says she is from the neighbouring country and is here for her love. Reshma says my love is Vibhu. Gupta says God Bless you to Vibhu and leaves.

Saxena gets a call, Gupta walks to him and tells him about Vibhu and Reshma. Saxena says I hope Vibhu and David are not trying to replace Anu.

Pre cap:
Pre cap: Angoori asks what to do with this woman. Reshma says where will I go. Tiwari offers her to stay at his place.
Tiwari gives Teeka tip to broadcast Vibhu and Reshma’s news.

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