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The Episode starts with Virender coming to room and sees Neelam sleeping, and wonders if she is sleeping till now. He then thinks she was in tension in night and couldn’t sleep, and that’s why sleeping till late. Neelam gets up and asks Virender you got ready, and says she has to make breakfast for Rishi. Virender says Lakshmi will make food for him. Neelam says I will make breakfast for my son. She feels headache and sits. Virender says your BP is shot up due to tension and asks her to have medicine. Neelam says how to take medicine without food. Lakshmi comes there and brings breakfast. Virender asks for whom you have brought medicine. Lakshmi says she brought breakfast for Mummy ji/aunty as she has to take BP medicine. Virender says yes. Lakshmi asks her to take care of herself. Virender asks Neelam to take care for them. Neelam says you are asking me to rest and says if I don’t go out from the room then who will take care of Rishi, and says she don’t want Lakshmi to take care of Rishi and go near him. Lakshmi says I will not take care of Rishi, Malishka will take care of him. Neelam asks are you sure? Lakshmi nods her head. Virender says only Lakshmi can take better care of Rishi. Lakshmi asks Virender not to worry for anyone, and says Rishi shall be fine, and it doesn’t matter if I or Malishka take care of him. She says if you want then I will not go near Rishi. Neelam says if she is saying that she will not go to Rishi, then I will not go out of room. Lakshmi goes. Virender tells Neelam that I hope you understand Lakshmi.

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