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The episode starts with Vikrant telling that Lakshmi that Rishi thought I took you out from here seeing Saloni, and says not even his father will search me. He says we will go to other city, and then we will marry and live happily ever after all life. Malishka sees Rishi going out and coming back again. She thinks how to get saved now? Vikrant gets a call and goes to side to attend it. Lakshmi asks God not to punish her this way and don’t give her death this way. She asks God to send someone for help her. She sees Rishi going and tells in her heart, don’t go Rishi, I am here. Rishi stops sensing as if Lakshmi has called him. Lakshmi throws her bangle from the upper window. Rishi identifies the bangles, saying it is of Lakshmi, which I made her wear it. He thinks Lakshmi is here, she has thrown this. Lakshmi thanks God and smiles while crying. Vikrant turns to Lakshmi and says everything is set, tomorrow we will go to other city and then you will not take Rishi’s name again and says I am very good person than Rishi and will take care of you more than him. Lakshmi says you are not equal to Rishi’s feet dust, and asks him to stop comparing himself to Rishi in this birth and not in any births. Vikrant says Rishi has lost and went away from here without taking you. He says Rishi can’t be compared to me. Lakshmi says who told you that Rishi went from here and has lost from you, and asks him to count till 3 and says Rishi will come from that door. She says she will count and says 1. Vikrant says not even Rishi’s father will come here. He says we will go to other city and will have happy married life. Lakshmi says 2 and asks if he is scared and says Rishi will come as the storm and will make your ego and evilness fall in the dust.

Vikrant is about to go out and check, when Lakshmi counts 3. Vikrant is about to open the door, when Rishi pushes the door and gets inside. Vikrant falls down and gets shocked seeing Rishi. Rishi goes to Lakshmi and asks if she is fine. Vikrant asks what do you think that you can take her from here, and asks how did you know that Lakshmi is here? Rishi says our relation is such, it is made by God’s blessings which can’t be broken by cheap and disgusting person like you. Vikrant says I do what I want to do. Rishi hits on his face holding Lakshmi’s bangle. Vikrant sits down hurt. Lakshmi hugs Rishi and says I thought I will not be saved. Rishi says until I am with you, I will not let any trouble come in your life. Main teri hogayi yaa plays….

Shalu and Bani come there and hug Lakshmi. Dadi, Virender, Neelam and others also come there. Dadi hugs Lakshmi. Lakshmi asks Dadi if she is fine and says you are allergic to dust. Rishi breaks the ghatbandhan which Lakshmi is wearing and tells Vikrant that his end has come and he will spend his life in jail now. Dadi says before sending him to jail, I have to settle scores with him and says you are also a chameleon who changes color. Virender says we don’t change color and our color is of truthful and solid color of an ink and we don’t let anyone do bad. Dadi says we don’t keep anyone’s debt and slaps Vikrant. She asks him to check if he has teeth or broken, and says it is Punjaban hands. Virender slaps him and says this hand is of her son, and says good gets the good end and bad gets the bad end. Dadi tells Lakshmi that she will ask God, why God is taking so many tests. Ayush comes to Vikrant and says you have slapped Shalu. He says my brother has compensated for it. He says your sasural is waiting for you. He takes him. Kiran comes there. Malishka tells Kiran that they shall leave from here before anyone sees us. Kiran says everyone saw us. Malishka says if everyone came to know that I am with Vikrant. She says Ayush had caught me, but he is not sure. Kiran asks her to do as she says and asks her to come with her silently. Malishka thinks I got trapped. Kiran asks Malishka to run to Rishi and hug him, as if she cares for him so much. She asks her to go and hug him.

Malishka runs to Rishi and hugs him asking if he is fine. She asks why did you do this, and asks if last time was not enough, that you come to death mouth again and again. She says did you forget that he is the same Vikrant who had tried to kill you, and then also you came here. Rishi says I have come here for Lakshmi and to save her life. Malishka says even if something happens to you. Vikrant laughs and says you acts wonder Malishka, and tells Rishi that he doesn’t know how is this girl, and says she is a wonderful act, and she is surprised as if she doesn’t know anything, when she was aware of Lakshmi’s kidnapping and had come here before you all. Rishi asks what you are saying? Vikrant says Malishka is with me in this crime, and wanted to throw Lakshmi out from your life. Malishka says he is lying. Vikrant says she was here to get me married to Lakshmi. Malishka says he is lying and asks Rishi to believe him. Ayush realizes if she was Malishka whose hand, he had held or if she was Saloni. He then understands it was Malishka. Inspector comes there and asks who is that criminal? Ayush gives Vikrant to Inspector. Inspector asks Constable to take him. Virender thanks him. Inspector says we shall thank you for doing our work already. Dadi says we shall go home. Kiran asks Dadi if she is trusting the criminal (Vikrant). Dadi says we will go home and talk, and asks Rishi and lakshmi to come. Malishka thinks Vikrant killed me while going and says my everything is over, I am finished.

Episode ends.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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