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The Episode starts with Rishi thinking Lakshmi saying that whatever she don’t have in her destiny, she will not get it. He thinks of his moments with Lakshmi. Tere bina jiya…..plays…Rishi says my love was with me, then also I lost it. He says my love is infront of me then also I am helpless and is marrying someone else. He cries and asks why, all this is so painful. He thinks some more time, then Lakshmi will go away from me forever, and then I will marry Malishka. He says don’t know if I will meet Lakshmi again and not, and cries saying God…I can’t bear this. He asks God if this is written in lakshmi and his destiny and says if you wanted to do this, then why did you bring Lakshmi in my life and made me meet her. He cries and says I have realized one thing and says I am nothing without Lakshmi, I am incomplete, when she goes away from here, what I will do, and says I can’t live without her. He cries badly.

Kiran asks Malishka, if you are out of your mind, to do conspiracy with Vikrant. She reminds her that Vikrant had taken her name last time, and says I have handled everything else you know what could happen. Sonal asks why you didn’t tell me aunty. Kiran says I was afraid that someone might hear. Sonal says I understand and asks Malishka not to do any mistake. She asks her not to be insecure with Lakshmi and says Rishi will be marrying you, don’t give him reason to break the marriage. Kiran asks her to focus on her marriage and Rishi, and asks her to calm down and focus on her marriage. Malishka says what Rishi said in return, when I asked him whom he loves. Sonal asks her not to give him a chance to say that he loves Lakshmi. Malishka asks if he loves Lakshmi. Sonal asks her to calm down and not to give him any chance. Kiran says I am doubtful on Dadi and Virender that they will do something. Sonal says we have to make sure that the marriage happens tomorrow itself.

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