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The Episode starts with Lakshmi leaving from Oberoi Mansion. She turns and sees Malishka standing. Malishka asks if you are leaving the house for forever or acting. Lakshmi says I am really leaving. Malishka says I will send you today with your respect and honor. She says if you return then you will not take anything than insult. She pretends to do aarti with her empty hands, and thinks she wants to throw her out, but her wish couldn’t be fulfilled, and you got saved from humiliation. She thinks this fake aarti is not less than that and this is also the insult, I am throwing you after humiliating you, and thinks you might have understood by now. Lakshmi stops Malishka and says stop it, and says I understand well what you are doing and says if time was different then I would have answer you well that you don’t such things. Malishka says you will not get chance again, as I will not question you, so my dear Lakshmi….leave from here. She signs her to leave. Lakshmi asks her to take care of Rishi. Malishka says he is my would be husband, don’t take his name from your mouth. Lakshmi steps outside. Malishka asks her to promise that she will not return in the house again, and says you will not keep even your foot here, and says you are leaving with your respect and honor this time, but next time you will be thrown out with humiliation, and asks if you want to be humiliated then only you shall come. She locks the door and comes to the room happily. She wakes up Kiran and says my life’s eclipse has gone, and tells her that she has thrown Lakshmi out with her hand.

Lakshmi comes to Rano’s house and thinks she has to make Chachi, Shalu and Bani understand. Rano asks who is on the door. Lakshmi says she is on the door. Shalu and Bani come there and open the door. Bani says you are here, so late in night. Shalu asks about her bag? Rano asks if they throw you out. Malishka says she has warned her not to come back again. Kiran says I am happy to see you happy, but don’t get so much happy. Malishka asks why? Because Lakshmi might return, and says she will not return. Kiran says when Police catches the goon, then get some influential person call and has to leave the goon. They take Lakshmi inside. Lakshmi says she is not thrown out of the house. Rano says why did you leave in night, and says that house is yours, they regarded you as daughter. Lakshmi says it is not my house, and tells that their house peace was breaking. Rano says what about this house peace and says they have a hard time to manage the expenses. Shalu asks did you tell anyone? Lakshmi says no. Shalu says I will inform Ayush. Lakshmi says I have written letter before coming. Rano says if you was worried for you, then wouldn’t have become burden. Shalu and Bani ask why she left from there. Lakshmi says I will not marry Rishi, that is not my house, this is my house and I will stay here now. She goes inside. Bani says what di has done. Shalu says she has left jiju with Malishka and come. She says she might have felt pain, as she loves him a lot. Bani says we have to do something.

Kiran tells that they have to wait and see, if the family members will bring her back. She says tomorrow’s sun will tell us if the eclipse of your life went or will return. Lakshmi comes to the room. Shalu and Bani tell her that she has done right by coming there. They tickle her. Lakshmi tickles her sisters and laugh. They all sit on the floor. Shalu asks her not to get angry and says you shouldn’t have leave house in night, without informing anyone. Bani asks if anyone insulted you and asked you to leave. Lakshmi says that doesn’t matter, I myself don’t want to stay here. She says she wants to come out of her past and wants to make a new start. Shalu asks what you want to do? Lakshmi says my relation will be with you both, and with this house only. Shalu asks what about Rishi jiju. Lakshmi says he has his own world and he shall be happy, and I want to be busy in my own world. She says tomorrow’s sun will bring new light.

Malishka thinks Kiran asked her to act just like Lakshmi acts, and comes to the inhouse temple to pray. Dadi comes there and asks Malishka if you are here? Malishka says she will be their bahu so practicing. She asks her to tell what to keep first, shall keep bhog or do aarti. Dadi asks where is Lakshmi? Malishka thinks she shall not tell her.

Shalu, Lakshmi and Bani pray to God. Shalu and Bani pray for Lakshmi’s happiness. Lakshmi prays for Rishi and his family’s happiness, and asks God to give his sorrows to her. She prays that she is going to make a new start of her life, and asks to give her strength and courage.

Dadi asks her to keep bhog plate and light diya, and then do aarti. Malishka acts and does aarti. Dadi blesses her. Malishka asks her to bless her like she blesses Lakshmi. Dadi asks where is Lakshmi? Malishka says she didn’t see her.

Rano comes to Shalu and Bani, and asks what to call Lakshmi, Shanichar. Bani asks her to call her Lakshmi. Shalu says Lakshmi’s name will be on your tongue and your sins will be washed. Rano says with Lakshmi here, my money will be outgoing. Lakshmi says no, and asks if she knows where is she going today. Rano gets happy and says if you are returning to your house, and says I will do your aarti. Lakshmi says she is going to do a job. Rano gets upset and says you can’t bear my happiness. Lakshmi says I don’t want to be burden on you, and that’s why I will be going to do the job. She says you have taken care of us like a mother. Shalu says scolded us also. Lakshmi asks her to bless her. Rano blesses her. Lakshmi says everything will be fine once she gets this job. Rano says everything will be fine.

Malishka comes to Rishi’s room, and asks how are you feeling now? Rishi says you woke up so early. Malishka says I want to stay here as your wife, and asks him to say I love you, or say that even you are waiting to stay with me. She touches his hand. He feels pain. Malishka says today she has made breakfast for him. Rishi coughs and asks why did you make it? Malishka says she can do anything for him. She asks him to tell how is the food after eating it. He asks where is Lakshmi?

Precap: Dadi tells everyone that Lakshmi has left home after reading her letter. Shalu tells someone that Di wants to break relation with jiju and family. Neelam tells Rishi that Lakshmi will not return in this house, I will not let her come. Ayush tells Rishi that surely Malishka would have told her something or forced her to leave. Rishi tells Malishka that if Lakshmi left house because of you, then see what I will do with you. He says if you are not responsible, then someone else might be responsible surely. He tells Neelam that now she will not stop him, and he will not let Lakshmi stop him from bringing her here, and says he will bring here.

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