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The Episode starts with Lakshmi recalling Rishi and her conversation. Shalu asks Lakshmi to have food. Lakshmi asks did you say something? Rano says she asked you to have food and asks what is in your mind? Lakshmi says I was thinking to go for interview, else might get late. Shalu and Bani ask her to have food. Lakshmi says I will go and come fast. Bani says atleast she would have curd and sugar. Rano says let her go and asks them to sit. She asks them what does Lakshmi mean that she wants to start new life? She asks what she wants to say, I would have asked her, but she left. Shalu says I feel that di wants to break her relation with jiju and his family. Bani says Di wants to live life with us, like she used to live with us before her marriage. Rano asks if she will not get married and will sit on my head and gets upset.

Kiran thinks why no drama had happened, if everyone accepted that Lakshmi is gone. Malishka comes there. Kiran asks her if anyone knows that Lakshmi left. Malishka says she didn’t tell anyone. Kiran says when everyone comes to know that you had talked to her when she left then what you will say, when Rishi will ask you. Malishka says I will say it was Lakshmi’s decision, so what I could do. Kiran says Rishi will ask me why did you hide from him. Malishka says she knows how to reply him well and asks her not to give her stress. Kiran says I just want Rishi and your marriage to happen, without any hurdles. Malishka says Rishi and I will marry, even you shall see it. Dadi asks Mukesh if you saw Lakshmi. Mukesh says no. He says he has found this paper in your room while cleaning and that’s why I brought it for you. Dadi opens the letter and finds out that it is Lakshmi’s letter. Lakshmi writes that Dadi sorry, I am leaving the house again, though you had stopped me. She says I am taking my respect and pride from her, and not go empty handed. She writes she had found Bau ji, Mother like Mummy ji and says she couldn’t make place in her heart. She writes that she has found her sisters in Ahana, Sonia and Devika, and that she always respected Karishma bua and others. She writes what to say, Ayush has always been with her, and that Rishi and Ayush have always shielded her. She writes asking them not to ask her to return and ends the letter. Dadi cries calling Rishi.

Lakshmi comes to the jewellery store where she had worked before. The salesgirl identifies her and says Lakshmi you are here. Lakshmi says she has come to search job for her. The Salesgirl asks her to look at the lady sitting there, and says life is in our control after divorce.

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