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The Episode starts with Shalu and Bani thinking that Lakshmi will go with Rishi. Rano comes there. They inform her that Jiju is coming. Rano gets happy and says Rishi shall take Lakshmi from here and says burden will go away from my head. Shalu says Di is not a burden, infact she is lowering your burden by doing job. Rano says she wants Lakshmi’s betterment, atleast Rishi will get her married to a nice guy. She asks Shalu to make badam halwa. Rano says make less quantity for me. Neelam thinks I never thought that this will happen in my life, and says my own son, whom I have kept in my womb, gave him birth and brought him up, and that Lakshmi snatched him from her. She says Rishi used to obey her, but now her words doesn’t matter to him. She says I will not Lakshmi come here, and says I will not stay with her, and that Lakshmi shall leave. Karishma says I tried to call Rishi, to tell about your decision. Neelam says let him do what he wants. Karishma says I will not let real Lakshmi (you) go for fake Lakshmi, and says this is your house and asks why will you go. Neelam says something will happen even today which shall not happen.

Lakshmi brings Rishi to Rano’s house. Rishi asks if we came here to get the bag. Lakshmi asks if he is fine. Rishi says you are my pain and medicine too, and asks if she is coming with him. Lakshmi says we shall go inside and talk. Shalu and Bani see Rishi and hug him happily. Rishi feels the pain due to his injury. They ask how they came together. Lakshmi says she met him on the way. Rishi sits on the sofa. Bani gives him water. Rishi drinks water and asks Lakshmi to bring her bag. Shalu brings her bag. Rishi tries to take Lakshmi’s bag and feels pain. Lakshmi stops him. Shalu says I will keep the bag in the car. Lakshmi takes the bag and keeps it aside, says she will not take bag. Rishi says we will do shopping on the way. Lakshmi says I am not going with you, and says this is my house and now I will stay here. Rano comes there. Rishi greets her. Rano praises him and asks Shalu and Bani to bring something for Rishi. Rishi says I don’t want anything, and asks her to make Lakshmi understand, says she don’t want to return. Lakshmi says I don’t want to return. Rishi says you didn’t say this in car else I wouldn’t have let you come here. He asks Shalu, Bani and Rano to ask her. Rano asks why you don’t want to go. Lakshmi says she just don’t want to go. Rishi asks how can you leave me and our family. Lakshmi says you and your family will be in my heart, but don’t be stubborn to take me. Rishi says I will take you, this is right. Lakshmi says truth is that, I am not your wife now, and don’t have any relation with you. She asks if you will stay in someone’s house without relation with them. Rishi says you are our house’s daughter and asks her to come with him, else he will lift and take her with him. Lakshmi refuses to go with him, and says everything is fine, why you are ruining things. Rishi says I want your betterment and you, and says I request you to come.

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