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The Episode starts with lakshmi asking Ayush not to cry and says you don’t look nice while crying. Ayush asks what about Rishi Bhai? He says even Rishi Bhai cries sitting alone, and says I have cried hugging you, but who is with him, he has become lonely without you. He asks Lakshmi to realize that his life is with her, and her life is with him, although many difficulties are on their way. He asks her to return his Bhai and Bhabhi’s relation. Lakshmi says tomorrow I will come home. Ayush asks her to say that she will come to her house. Shalu and Bani smiles. Ayush and Shalu hold each other’s hands, as he hugs Lakshmi happily. Shalu asks when all this will end. Ayush says when Bhai and Bhabhi marry each other. Shalu says they will not accept that they love each other. Ayush says Bhabhi might return to him if she feels jealous. Shalu says she left jiju as she felt that Malishka shall marry him. Ayush says such people gives importance to love, but we will bring them on the right path. He says that girl can’t keep my brother happy. He says until they unite, we will stay strong. He says I will leave. Shalu holds his hand and says I trust you a lot and says Di and Jiju’s relation is in your hands. Ayush says love wins at the end, even if they fight. He says they will unite and if they don’t then change my name. Shalu asks shall I call you Jagundar, or Jhalla. He says no and says I trust love and the two people unite amidst the troubles. He holds her cheeks and pulls it, just as the bike rider rings the horn. He goes. Shalu thinks love shall win.

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