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The Episode starts with Rishi saying he is looking handsome in this jacket given by Lakshmi, and gives her flying kiss as he imagines Lakshmi in the mirror. He says her gifts are special always. He sees Malishka standing and smiling. She asks what happened, and asks why did you give flying kiss when I am here, and says I will give you good morning kiss. Rishi says door is open, what anyone will think. Malishka says we are getting married, what anyone will think. Rishi says I am not comfortable. Malishka says ok and says you are ready yourself, now we can go on honeymoon, and asks him not to get uncomfortable. She asks about the jacket and asks whose choice is this? Neelam aunty or yours. Rishi says it is of Lakshmi’s choice, it is good. Malishka gets upset and says you are saying this proudly, and says you can’t wear this, Lakshmi has gone from here, she is your past and asks him to take him out. Rishi says you was praising then jacket sometime back and says he will not take it off. Malishka says fine and takes out scissor to cut it. Rishi throws the scissor away and tells that he will not take it off. He says there is a difference in you, whatever Lakshmi does is for my happiness and whatever you does is for your own happiness, and that’s why I couldn’t forget Lakshmi, she is special. It turns out to be Malishka’s imagination. She asks what did you say whose choice is this? Rishi says of Lakshmi and goes. Malishka thinks to be quiet, and thinks she has to play smarty, but she will make him remove the jacket.

Everyone comes to the dining table. Karishma asks Rishi to come for breakfast. Rishi says I will come after sometime. Malishka comes and sits, asking Mukesh to serve the food. Door bell rings. Rishi opens the door excitedly and sees courier guy. He receives the courier and sits on the sofa. He thinks his mind has stopped working as Lakshmi is going to come. Karishma asks Neelam to see smile on Rishi’s face and says he is waiting for someone. Neelam says don’t know. Ayush comes to Rishi and asks him to come for breakfast. Rishi asks him to have breakfast and says I am waiting for someone. Door bell rings. Rishi opens the door and sees Dadi coming. Dadi says today my son opened the door. Karishma says Rishi was waiting for Mom. Malishka asks but why? Rishi thinks when she will come, don’t know when she will come. Ayush asks what is the matter? Rishi asks Ayush, when Lakshmi is coming. Ayush asks if she is coming. Rishi says I heard Dad and you talking. Ayush says she will not come, she had refused. Rishi asks him not to say this. Ayush says what to do? Rishi asks if you are saying truth. Ayush says we can’t force her. He asks him to come and have food.

Mukesh comes to the Dining table. Malishka makes him fall on Rishi, and the tea falls on Rishi’s hands. She then scolds Mukesh. Neelam asks Rishi to go and change the jacket. Rishi goes. Malishka thinks she shall plays smartly and will win, so that she makes Rishi go away from Lakshmi for forever. Just then Lakshmi comes there. Dadi says Lakshmi…Virender and Dadi gets up. Neelam, Ayush, Karishma and others also get up from their chairs. Malishka gets angry seeing her. Lakshmi touches Virender and Dadi’s feet. Ayush thinks where is her bag, I will bring it later. Karishma asks why did you come, when you had written letter. Malishka says there is no reason to return, go back to your home. Neelam asks why you dare to come here, when you have no relation here. She says I can never think that your self respect can end and you can come here shamelessly. Virender asks what you are saying, she is my daughter and can come at anytime, do not insult her. Lakshmi says they don’t know why I have come here, some of them want me to return and some don’t want me to come, so I brought sweets as Rishi and Malishka’s marriage is fixed. Malishka says it doesn’t matter, you came to my house as guests, so you will be respected as guest. She calls Mukesh and asks him to bring juice for the guest. Neelam and Karishma smiles, hearing Malishka insulting Lakshmi. Dadi asks if you are done with the insult? She says it is our values and it is Lakshmi’s values that she didn’t say anything in reply. She asks everyone to be quiet, and asks Lakshmi to come inside and sit. Lakshmi says I will not sit. She says Ayush has come to convince me so I thought to come. She says she wanted to congratulate Rishi and give him sweets, if all of your permission is there. Malishka says no, and tells that she will give the sweets herself. Neelam asks Lakshmi, if Rishi knew that you will be coming. Lakshmi says no, Ayush only had known. Malishka asks her to go.

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