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The Episode starts with Lakshmi telling Rishi that she has come to tell him, to leave the hope of her return. Rishi says I was waiting for you, that you will come back to me. He asks why you are punishing me and for what sin. He says I did wrong with you and married you for betrayal, I have hurt you a lot, but I love you now and can’t live without you. Lakshmi says life doesn’t end if someone is not with you. Rishi says it happens with me, if you are with me then my life is set, else it will be ruined. He says I have set the blanket, vase and your favorite curtains just like the way you want. He says I want you to be near my heart always, and shows the paper flower which she had given to him. He says I have kept everything safely, whatever you have given to me, your memories and says I will not live without you. Lakshmi says you have to live for your family and Malishka. Rishi says for you. Lakshmi says for yourself. Dadi says Lakshmi had come here to break our hopes, and thinks if she did right to come here and break our hopes. Ayush and Virender come there. Ayush says I thought she is returning to stay here, but she said that she returned so that she don’t return. Virender says we have to stop her anyhow, and asks if they have any idea.

Lakshmi asks him to forget her and think that she didn’t come in his life ever. Rishi says human can forget to take breath and can forget their heart beat, but my life is nothing without you. He says life is not that just to spend life, and says I will die without you, and requests her to come back to him. Lakshmi says I am not with you, and not in your life, and asks him to love someone else.

Shalu tells Bani that Di has decided not to return. Bani says Di shall confess her love to him. Rishi cries and asks her to accept once what is in her heart, and says I know that you love me a lot, just say it once. He says I want you, but if you accept your love then it will be my memories and happiness for me, then I don’t need anything else after that. Lakshmi cries too. He asks her to accept once, and says I love you Rishi.

Malishka says why Lakshmi is taking so much time, it just need 1 min to feed him sweets and Dadi asked me not to doubt. Karishma says don’t know why Mom orders us, and Virender Bhai and Ayush…She says Ayush is Lakshmi’s puppet. Malishka asks Karishma to think, how to throw Lakshmi out, and says if she stays with Rishi, then she will become your bahu and then I will not have anything than to die. Neelam asks her to stop talking negative and asks her to learn from Lakshmi, how to stay positive. Karishma asks Malishka to go and throw Lakshmi out from that room, as it is your room. Malishka goes. Virender asks Dadi to face Neelam and stop Lakshmi. Dadi says we have to fight among ourselves. Virender says I wish Neelam would have realized Lakshmi’s goodness.

Ayush says Malishka will do drama and she is over dramatic. He says if we convince Mami then Malishka will be controlled. Malishka says Dadi shall do puja, but she said that Lakshmi is her daughter. She says Lakshmi also went to Rishi and got stuck with him. She says I will throw her out, far away from Rishi.

Rishi tells Lakshmi that he will never ask again, and will marry Malishka happily. He says I want to listen this, as I don’t want your love to be incomplete and I will get a reason to live. He asks her to say. Lakshmi says anyone will fall in love with you, you are such person. Rishi asks her to say I love you Rishi, and says I just want to hear from you, and I know that you love me a lot, but not saying, and asks her to say it today. Lakshmi gets emotional and says I always…..Rishi asks always…? Lakshmi stops seeing Malishka.

Neelam tells Karishma that they shall make sure that nobody supports Lakshmi in this house. She says some people just take her name always. Karishma says we shall stop Mom. Dadi asks where is Lakshmi, if she is still with Rishi? She asks where is Malishka? Karishma says she went to call Lakshmi. Dadi says I asked you all to leave them alone for sometime. Neelam tells that just like you are worried for your daughter, I am worried for my son. Dadi says both are my kids. Neelam says it doesn’t look like and says she is inauspicious. Dadi says she is not inauspicious. She asks her not to favour Lakshmi, and says when the matter is about my son’s life and happiness. Dadi says I am happy that you care for your son’s life, but before that you shall know where his happiness lies. Neelam says she is his mother, and knows that his happiness is with Malishka.

Shalu calls Ayush and asks if everything is fine. Ayush says yes and says I will call later. Shalu tells Bani, why he didn’t speak. Malishka tells Lakshmi that she has seen everything and has understood also. She says you made the sweets fell down, then what you are doing here? Rishi picks the sweets box from the floor. Malishka asks if you had come to make Rishi eat sweets or to trap him again. Rishi asks her to behave? Malishka says she is behaving well and asks him to ask her to leave. She says you said that you are happy and wants to make Rishi eat sweets. She asks didn’t you say that you are happy that we are going to marry, and wanted us to stay happily. Lakshmi says she wants them to be happy. Malishka says we shall be happy and thanks Lakshmi for sweets, hugs Rishi and says we will be happy together always. She asks Lakshmi to come. Rishi gets upset with Lakshmi. Malishka asks her to come. She smiles. Lakshmi goes. Rishi thinks Lakshmi was about to say. Malishka thinks she did it, without making Rishi getting angry. She thinks I have to smartly move and take Lakshmi out from her clutches. Neelam asks Virender not to say this time. Lakshmi comes downstairs and touches Dadi and Virender’s feet. She is about to go, when Neelam comes on her way. Rishi comes downstairs.

Episode ends.

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