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The Episode starts with Neelam telling Dadi and others that Lakshmi is very clever. Dadi says if Lakshmi was clever then she would have ruled in this house, and would have ordered you all. She says Rishi was not divorcing her, but she took divorce and went, when Virender, I and Ayush were supporting her, if she was clever then she wouldn’t have left the house and went from here. Rishi thinks of Dadi and Virender’s words and regrets for scolding her very much and saying anything without thinking how she had felt, but she forgave him always. He asks what did I do? Dadi asks Neelam if she has answer to this? Virender says everything was in her hand, but she went like a winner, and says this is the good values and sacrifice. He asks Neelam, if you will say that Lakshmi was acting. Neelam says you are breaking the house peace. Virender asks what you are saying that we are breaking this house. Dadi says Lakshmi will come in this house, this is my decision. Neelam goes upset. Karishma says if she comes here then this house will break.

Malishka comes to Rishi’s room and sees him crying. She thinks he is crying like emotional fool. She says she got a chance, and asks him not to be guilty and think that he has saved her life and didn’t let anything wrong happen with her. She asks her to close that chapter, she is your past. Rishi says I regret that I didn’t trust her, I thought she don’t trust me about Vikrant’s matter, I am wrong. Malishka asks Rishi to let Lakshmi be the past and let her move on, and says I let Lakshmi stay here for your happiness and says I love you so much. She asks him to remember that Lakshmi will be here for few days, but I will be here for forever. She says after our marriage, she will leave and you will let her go and asks if he understood. Rishi says Malishka please. Malishka goes.

Karishma tells Dadi that Neelam Bhabhi told her that if Lakshmi comes here then she will leave this house, but Rishi didn’t bring her, but today you are calling her back, and Bhabhi will leave the house.

Lakshmi gets down on the way. The auto driver tells that his wife is unwell and that’s why he is leaving her midway. Lakshmi says no problem, it is good that your wife called you before. She gets down and starts walking on the road, thinking about Rishi’s marriage. Sonal is in the car and thinks she is Lakshmi, Malishka’s enemy, and thinks Malishka told her everything. She says they have done so much, but she is not leaving from Malishka’s lives. She is about to hit Lakshmi, but stops as lakshmi turns to the car. Sonal gets down and starts confronting Lakshmi, asking if she wanted to die infront of her car. She then asks if she is going for work, and then asks her when she will leave from Malishka’s life. She says you will not go there. Lakshmi asks who are you? She says if the family members or Malishka tells her then it is understandable, but you have no right to tell me. She says she herself don’t want to go, but is going due to Dadi. Sonal gets angry.

Karishma tells Virender and Dadi that Lakshmi is inauspicious and says when you people care for her, then why Bhabhi will stay here. Dadi says Lakshmi is not inauspicious. Karishma asks if that cheap Lakshmi is important than Bhabhi. Dadi says enough. She turns to go. Karishma asks if she will go to convince Bhabhi. Dadi says no, she knows what to do. Karishma says Lakshmi has done black magic on her, and asks him to go and stop Neelam. She asks if you will take Lakshmi’s side as well.

Virender goes to Neelam along with Karishma and Ayush, and asks her to stop thinking to leave the house. Neelam says if you are stopping what you are doing. Virender says Lakshmi is coming for Rishi’s marriage. Neelam asks who is Rishi? He is our son and says why that enemy is coming here, and says she is my enemy. Virender says enemy? Neelam says yes, she is enemy as she will destroy the house. She says this is the proof that you don’t listen to me and arguing with me. She asks did anyone see us fighting like this, and says since that inauspicious girl came here, we started fighting. She says Mummy ji and you asked her to come, and this Ayush went to bring Lakshmi as your messenger. Virender says you are elder of this house, and we all love and respect you, and asks her not to think like this. Neelam says you all love and respect me, then why that girl is coming here, whom I dislike so much. Virender says she is coming here for Rishi’s marriage. Neelam says if I call the person home whom you dislike then how you will feel. She tells that there is no result of this argument. Virender asks her to agree. Neelam says that inauspicious girl has eclipsed your and my relation, now you don’t need to say anything, I got your answer, we will close this argument right here. Ayush asks if she will not leave the house.

Neelam says when Lakshmi comes here, then everyone will get the answer. Virender says the matter is stuck still. Neelam says you shall throw her out. Karishma says I will tell Lakshmi. Neelam says nobody will tell her, and tells that Lakshmi deserves just hatred and says I will not stay here due to her favor, and will stay here for my family and love, which I will see tomorrow when Lakshmi comes here. She says I will stay back if my loved ones throw her out, and tells Virender that he shall not let Lakshmi come inside the house. She says I told my decision, Rishi, Ayush and Mummy ji had taken their decisions, but it is upto you to decide if you will throw Lakshmi out or shall I leave this house.

Rishi thinks Lakshmi is incredible, I have never seen such girl in my life, and I have lost such a good girl. He says we were husband and wife, and had promised each other, but I made her go far from me. Ayush comes there being worried and tells Rishi that Neelam Mami told that if Lakshmi comes here then she will leave the house. Rishi says he will talk to Mom. Ayush says there is a tension, what to do. Shalu calls Ayush and asks him about Lakshmi. Ayush says Lakshmi bhabhi told that she will come tomorrow. Shalu thanks him repeatedly. Ayush thinks if I shall tell her about Neelam Mami’s decision and thinks I shall not tell her now. Shalu asks why he is not saying. Ayush says network is down. Shalu thanks baba ji and tells that she will make halwa. Bani says I will make it. Shalu says Di is going tomorrow and it is jiju and Malishka’s engagement too, as Neelam wanted it to happen again. Bani says lets see what destiny does.

Precap: Lakshmi tells Shalu and Bani that she will not stay there even for a minute, after Rishi’s marriage. Neelam tells that they shall have food for the last time. Malishka and Sonal are sitting in the restaurant when a guy comes there and calls Malishka. Malishka turns and looks at him.

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