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The Episode starts with Karishma asking what to do about her, and says if she was allowed one murder then she would have killed her right now. She says did you see, how she entered here. Sonia says if Mom had signed then I would have thrown her out. Neelam says we stay in the house, and we can’t let Mummy ji go from here, she is the soul of the house. Malishka says Lakshmi comes between Rishi and me always, and what does she think that she will stop our marriage, and says she can’t separate us, as Rishi is mine for the next 7 births. Sonal tells that she will miss Lakshmi leaving and her friend Malishka smiling. She waits for Malishka’s call and then thinks she must be waiting as Lakshmi left. She calls Malishka. Malishka says Lakshmi is here, and Dadi stopped Neelam aunty. Neelam tells that Lakshmi is not important for her, but Mummy ji is important for her. She says it would be my defeat being a bahu, and says I have fulfilled all the relations well, and I have done my duties well, and didn’t let my head lowered. Sonal tells Malishka that Dadi is Lakshmi’s die hard fan and has done this so that Lakshmi can return. Malishka says Neelam aunty didn’t go, so it is all ok and asks what to do about the thorn? Sonal asks her to enjoy about her ring ceremony and says she will handle the thorn Lakshmi. Malishka ends the call. Karishma says you are great and has a big heart, and you think a lot about Mom. Sonia says if Lakshmi will let the marriage happen. Karishma says her sight is on Rishi. Neelam says I have warned her, if she doesn’t agree to my sayings, then infact it will be worse for her.

Kiran comes there and asks Sonal if she talked to Malishka? Sonal says Lakshmi is there, and Neelam aunty didn’t go. Kiran says now Malishka’s engagement can happen.

Ayush is happy that Lakshmi came here. Shalu says you are saying as if she has come for forever. Ayush says if anything is asked with true heart, then all the universe make it possible. Rishi tells Lakshmi that when she was not here, he used to feel lonely. Lakshmi says now your wife is going to come, now you won’t be lonely. She says everyone knows that Malishka will be his wife now, she will marry him. Karishma asks Lakshmi why is she wasting her time, and says Ayush sent the professionals back, and asks her to get back to work, and tell how much money you need. Ayush asks how you are talking to her? Karishma says you came here for money, or if you have come to break the house peace. Rishi says Lakshmi didn’t come for this, and asks why you always blame her and talks badly with her. He asks when you will stop all this. Karishma says as Lakshmi returned, my habit came back, and says when she goes, I will leave this habit. She asks Lakshmi to ask much money, but the work shall be good.

Neelam is going out. Dadi and Virender come there. Dadi asks if you are going? Neelam says she is going to buy jewellery for Malishka, and is taking her along with me. Dadi says I came to say sorry to you. Neelam asks her not to say sorry. Virender says you know how much I love you, and everyone loves you, and says Lakshmi….Neelam says lets end Lakshmi’s chapter, and lets focus on Rishi and Malishka’s marriage from your hearts, and says may be you both feel that Lakshmi shall stay in this house, and that they shall marry again, but don’t think this way never. She tells Dadi that there are few decisions for which she will be against her, and says Rishi and Lakshmi can’t remarry again, and I want to live every moment of Rishi and Malishka’s marriage. She says Rishi and Lakshmi’s destinies are separated and can’t unite atleast in this birth. She goes.

Lakshmi and Mukesh are about to tie toran to the door. Mukesh says my Dadi used to say that whenever some auspicious work is happening, house lakshmi shall do it. Lakshmi says my name is Lakshmi, but I am not this house lakshmi, and says I will ask the family member to do it. Neelam hears and says it is good that you know well that you are not Lakshmi of the house. She stops Malishka and asks her to tie toran to the door, and says you are this house Lakshmi for me. She asks Mukesh to bring the stool. Malishka climbs on the stool and ties toran on the door. Neelam says now there will be no hurdle in Rishi and Malishka’s ring ceremony. Malishka ties toran and is about to get down and fall down, but Lakshmi saves her. Malishka starts blaming Lakshmi for making her fall down. Dadi comes there and says if she wanted to make you fall down, then why she would have saved you. Malishka says so that she is doing drama so that she becomes great in Neelam aunty’s sight. Dadi says Lakshmi has saved Rishi many times, but she didn’t become great in Neelam’s sight ever, and she will become great by saving you from falling down. She tells Neelam that Lakshmi saved her lakshmi (Malishka). Neelam says whatever good Lakshmi does, but she will never be good in my sight and she will be the same as she is like that only. She says don’t try to impress me until you are here, and says you will pierce my sight till you are here. She tells that she shall do all the arrangements until they come back, and asks Malishka to come. Neelam and Malishka leave.

Dadi tells Lakshmi that Neelam is like bitter medicine and tells that she didn’t let us go, just her eyes need to be open.

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