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The Episode starts with Malishka saying this crook and cunning Lakshmi is returning to the house, and says don’t know why Lakshmi is taking revenge from me. Karishma comes there. Malishka tells her that Ayush had trapped her, as Rishi was there, she has to give permission to Lakshmi to stay in the house. Karishma says I will not scold you and says Rishi is doing a big foolishness and says tomorrow is Rishi and your engagement, I don’t know what will happen. Malishka asks what happened? Karishma tells that Neelam Bhabhi said that if Lakshmi comes there then she will leave. Malishka says a big thing happened and I didn’t know and asks if my engagement will happen. Karishma says I hope so. Virender tells Dadi that they are in dharam sankat. Malishka asks if my engagement will happen. Karishma says I hope so.

Malishka informs this to Kiran and Sonal. Kiran says Neelam shouldn’t have taken this decision. Malishka says she took this decision to stop Lakshmi. Sonal says this is golden chance for Lakshmi.

Sonal says I hope engagement doesn’t stop. Kiran asks her to talk positive and says Malishka has bear so much for this day. Sonal says we shall focus that Rishi and your marriage shall happen soon. Malishka says we make plans, but Lakshmi executes her plan. She says this time she will be defeated. Kiran says if Neelam leaves the house due to Lakshmi then Rishi will not marry due to Neelam, and then your marriage will stop. Sonal says Neelam aunty will lose, as nobody will let Lakshmi go. Malishka says she is losing due to Neelam aunty and Lakshmi.

Shalu packs Lakshmi’s stuff. Bani says tomorrow is Jiju and Malishka’s ring ceremony. Shalu says yes. Lakshmi comes there and says you might have known from Ayush and preparing to send me. Shalu asks her to go to her lover Rishi. Lakshmi looks on. She tells them that she will not stop them even for a minute after Rishi’s marriage and asks them not to hope that she will stay there forever and asks them to bear the pain now, rather than bearing the pain later. Shalu says she has ruined our hopes. Bani says whatever she tells, the same thing will happen which is written in the destiny.

Vikrant comes to the restaurant and checks the menu. He orders tea and looks at Malishka and Sonal who comes there. Malishka says thank god Sonal, you have come. Sonal says I came for your marriage. Malishka says I get strength from you and also peace. Sonal smiles. Malishka gets a call from unknown number, but she doesn’t pick the call. Malishka says when her marriage was fixed last time, Rishi started drama and says she can’t share everything with Mom. Sonal says she is living life on her own terms. She calls waiter to order food. Malishka thinks who is calling me again and again. Sonal asks her to pick the call. Malishka picks the call and says she don’t want to attend the call, and asks who is he? Vikrant says I thought you will understand with my hello. Malishka says how dare you to call me after trying to kill my Rishi. She asks him not to come infront of her. Vikrant asks her to turn back and see. Malishka turns and looks at him. She gets up angrily holding the fork and says how dare you to try to kill Rishi, and says I will not leave you alive. Vikrant says I came for your betterment and asks her to listen. Sonal tells Malishka if someone calls Police then your marriage will be stopped. Vikrant says trust me, I came for your betterment. Malishka says I will show him and will take this fork too. Sonia is happy that his best friend Malishka will become her bhabhi. She tells that Lakshmi has left so everything is fine. Neelam comes to the Dining table and asks why everyone is sad.

Rano asks Shalu and Bani why they made halwa. Lakshmi says they made halwa as I am going back. Rano gets happy. Neelam says don’t know if we will have food together or not. Sonia asks why did you say this? She asks Virender to say. Virender is silent. Rano says we will have halwa and asks if they don’t want to eat it, then she will eat it. Bani says Shalu wants to say that di is going for Rishi and Malishka’s marriage and then she will return. Dadi says your Mom said that if Lakshmi comes here, then Neelam will come. Sonia says Lakshmi is gone, why she will come here. She says if she comes here then I will kill her. Rishi shouts Sonia. Neelam tells Sonia that let others decide now.

Lakshmi asks why I shall stay there after Rishi and Malishka’s marriage and with what right. Rano says she is right and asks Shalu and Bani, if they will break Rishi and Malishka’s marriage. She says if Lakshmi stays there then people will talk bad about her. Lakshmi says that’s why I don’t want to stay there, as Rishi and Malishka’s Jodi is set by the God.

Neelam asks Sonia not to do anything. Sonia says this is your house, so Lakshmi will go and why you want to go. Neelam asks her not to do drama and have food silently. Rano tells Lakshmi that she trusts her decision. Neelam thinks nobody is saying that this house is yours and we will throw Lakshmi out. She says nobody is asking me to have food. Rishi asks Neelam, virender and Dadi to have food. Neelam thinks lets see tomorrow.

Malishka, Sonal and Vikrant come out of restaurant. Malishka asks Vikrant why did he try to kill Rishi, and says if you had not tried to kill him then Rishi wouldn’t have exposed him. She says now you are hiding your face from Police, and says she will call Police. Sonal says he is talking about your betterment. Malishka says he tried to kill my Rishi. Vikrant asks if he became yours. Sonal asks what you was saying? Vikrant asks who is she? Malishka says my best friend, who can die for me, but will not let anything happen to me. She says she has spine unlike you. Vikrant says I will get you married to Rishi. Malishka laughs and asks if you will get me married to Rishi. She says if you had married Lakshmi then Rishi would have married to me by now. Vikrant tells Malishka that Rishi and Lakshmi love each other a lot and can’t stay without each other. Malishka says Rishi loves me a lot and he doesn’t love Lakshmi. She says I don’t trust you. Vikrant says until Lakshmi is there, you can’t marry Rishi. Malishka says she doesn’t trust him and says he can’t do anything. Vikrant says your every foolishness will make you lose, and says you have a chance and you can stop your loss. Malishka says she don’t want his help and asks him to get out. Vikrant asks her to think and goes. Sonal says he could have help us. Malishka says he can’t help himself, how he will help me, and asks Sonal to come.

Precap: Neelam tells Virender that today she will know what is her importance and value in the house. Lakshmi comes to Oberoi Mansion with Shalu. Karishma stops her. Sonia gets angry and asks Lakshmi to leave. Neelam says you will not throw her out. Lakshmi says it is better if I don’t come here, and says she will leave. Dadi holds her hand and stops her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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