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The Episode starts with Lakshmi getting the house decorated with the staff help. A courier guy comes there and says Rishi Oberoi’s parcel have come. Rishi tells the OTP and receives the courier, asks the staff to keep it in his room. He tells Lakshmi that seeing the decorations, it seems like she is very much happy with Malishka and his engagement. He says you wanted me to marry Malishka and go far away from you. Lakshmi says my happiness likes in everyone’s happiness. She sees the decoration flowers falling down and tells Rishi that she will do it. Rishi offers help, but Lakshmi asks him to go and try the clothes. Rishi says ok, as you wish. She climbs on the ladder to fix the flower decoration. Rishi is about to go, and runs to her seeing her falling. He holds her and says if I had not come then you would have fallen down. He says you don’t need me, so I will leave you. He leaves her. Lakshmi falls on the ladder, and asks if he held her to leave her. Rishi says you didn’t let me hold you, and says I will do everything for your happiness. He asks her to take care and goes. Shalu and Ayush come there. Shalu asks what jiju was saying? Lakshmi says he says anything. Ayush asks if Rishi bhai did any mischief? Lakshmi says yes. Ayush says he has become normal and when you was not here, he was sad and lifeless. He says you have returned old Rishi back and says he can’t be happy without you. Shalu says even Di doesn’t stay happy without him, just stays busy. Lakshmi goes.

Neelam and Malishka are returning after jewellery shopping. Malishka thanks her for the costly jewellery. Neelam says you are precious to me. Malishka says when I wear this jewellery, then Rishi can’t keep off his sight away from me. Rishi tries to wear the kurta and says why it is tight.

Mukesh praises Lakshmi. Lakshmi says you are just praising me unnecessarily. She hopes that Neelam will like it and Rishi’s engagement will happen well. The goons are following Neelam’s car and talk that they are rich people who has bought costly jewellery, and tells that they shall see their house, and says they must have so much jewellery at home. They follow the car.

Rishi calls Lakshmi. Lakshmi is going from there Rishi says his head is stuck and falls on her. Lakshmi laughs. Rishi says who made these clothes and says I can’t take breath. Lakshmi makes him sit on the bed. Rishi says get me freedom/15 August. Lakshmi takes off his kurta and she falls down on the ground. Rishi laughs. Lakshmi says I helped you and you are laughing. Rishi thanks her and says you are hurt. Lakshmi says it was good that I went from here, atleast I wouldn’t have to hear your talks. Rishi says ok, I will not talk. Lakshmi asks him to call the designer and asks him about the kurta. Rishi doesn’t talk to her. Lakshmi says I don’t like when you don’t talk, and says sorry to him. She holds her ears and asks him to talk to the designer, and says it was my responsibility, and if I couldn’t do it well, then Neelam aunty will ask me to go. Rishi says I will not let you go and asks her to say what he shall do. Lakshmi asks him to call designer. Rishi calls designer and says his head was stuck first and he couldn’t breath, and says he will sue his company. Lakshmi says Rishi. Rishi says Lakshmi saved me, she is my wi…(wife) and then says friend. He asks him to send someone to repair it. The designer refuses to send someone. Lakshmi says now I have to do something. Rishi asks her to alter the kurta.

The goons see that Neelam and Malishka come to Oberoi Mansion, and says they are rich, and the house is decorated, so they shall go and steal the jewellery, and whoever comes infront of them, they will shoot.

Malishka and Neelam come inside. Malishka asks Mukesh to keep the bags here. Mukesh says ok bhabhi. Malishka says I don’t want anything, just needs your love and support. Neelam says you already have my love and support. Malishka says Lakshmi has decorated the hall so fast. Neelam says yes. Malishka asks where did she go? If she went to Rishi again.

Lakshmi is sitting on the bed and stitching Rishi’s kurta. Rishi moves hair from her face. Tu Thodi Der plays…….Lakshmi looks at him. Tu thodi der plays….Rishi says I am seeing something in your ears. Lakshmi asks if there is something in my eyes. Rishi says I can see love in your eyes for me. Dadi tells her plan and tells that they will get Lakshmi and Rishi married. Ayush and Shalu don’t like her idea. Dadi says my plan can’t fail. Shalu says we came here with the hope. Ayush asks if this is the plan? Dadi says this is the plan and not plan, but key to unite Lakshmi and Rishi. Ayush says it is a fake key. Shalu says yes. Dadi says if this plan is successful then nobody can stop Rishi and Lakshmi from uniting.

Lakshmi tells Rishi that the drunk person think others as drunk. Rishi asks her what is she saying? Lakshmi says it is a saying. Rishi says you would have said that whoever is in love, see love in others. He says I am seeing love filled in you for me, and asks her to look at him. Lakshmi asks him to try the kurta. Rishi says you have love filled in your eyes for me.

Ayush and Shalu get happy hearing her plan fully. Ayush asks how did you get such a good guy, I didn’t give you my intelligence on loan. Dadi says you couldn’t impress Shalu till now. Shalu looks at him. Rishi tries to wear the kurta and stucks the kurta again. Lakshmi makes him wear it, and asks him to stand straight. He says who makes such kurta. Ayush tells Dadi that Shalu is already impressed with him. Shalu says she is not impressed with him. She teases Ayush and thanks Dadi for standing with Lakshmi always. Ayush says my Nani is like stars who are always with us. Lakshmi is buttoning Rishi’s kurta, when Malishka comes there and gets angry and shocked.

Precap: Malishka asks Lakshmi what did she do? Neelam tells Karishma that this marriage will happen, even if she creates troubles. Malishka blames Lakshmi of applying expired foundation and says you are jealous of me so much. Karishma tells that we will ask Lakshmi to leave, so that nothing bad or inauspicious thing happens. Rishi says Lakshmi will not go anywhere.

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