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The Episode starts with Malishka telling Rishi that she don’t want to spoil their day. Kiran asks them to come. Karishma says you have become fine, Malishka. She asks them to come. Rishi has a feeling that Lakshmi is hiding something from him. He thinks he had seen a clear imagine that someone is holding Lakshmi. He thinks if he is worried that he is getting engaged to Malishka or due to the fear about Lakshmi. Shalu gets upset. Ayush asks her to jump and go to terrace, and see the moon eclipse. He jokes. Shalu shouts Ayush. Ayush says nothing will happen with your anger, only you will lose. Shalu says her blood boils seeing Malishka with Jiju. She says Jiju wants to go to Di, but lizard Malishka is sticking with jiju. Ayush asks her to chill and asks not to get angry. Sonia takes Malishka and Risho’s pics.

The thieves call the thief who had run away after Lakshmi seeing him. The thief comes there. They tell that they will make watchman sleep first, and then will do the last theft to become crorepati. Lakshmi thinks what is the use of giving this ring to Rishi, as he will wear Malishka’s ring now. She says why he said that he needs this ring, everything will change today. Bani comes there and says Dadi is calling you. She looks at the ring and asks where you got it? Lakshmi says it had fallen down from the balcony. Bani says Jiju has kept it safely till now, and that means it is very precious to him. Lakshmi keeps the ring in the drawer and goes out with Bani. The thieves look at them leaving. They wait for them to go. The thief tells the others that they shall steal the first room and then steal in the other rooms. Bani comes to Shalu and Ayush and tells that Lakshmi di was thinking about her marriage with jiju and was cherishing the moments. Ayush and Shalu smiles.

Sonal and Sonia tell that they shall do something and begin the grand celebration of Rishi and Malishka’s engagement. Everyone claps. Lakshmi also claps. The thieves come to the room and tell that the house is good, and this bed is like a heaven. He says I will sleep here for sometime. The other thief says if we steal here, then we can have luxurious bed. The other thief asks whose room is this, which is like Palace room and the other answers that it is of the head of the house. They look at Virender and Neelam’s photo. They break the locker and takes out the money and jewellery.

Sonia and Sonal dance on the song Laila Main Laila……Ayush asks Shalu and Bani to come and dance with him. Bani refuses. Ayush reminds Shalu about Dadi’s plan. Shalu says ok. Malishka and Rishi dance with others. Lakshmi looks sad. The thief tells that other thieves that the rich people keep secret lockers also. The other thief says yes you said right. Virender-Neelam, Ayush-Shalu have a dance too. Kiran dances with some guy (may be Abhay is changed). Virender tells Neelam that she is looking very beautiful and says this ceremony seems to be ours and not of our son. Neelam says you are getting romantic. He says I have right to be romantic. Abhay tells Kiran that he is happy that Malishka is happy. Kiran says even she is happy. He asks her to make sure that their daughter gets everything. Kiran says Lakshmi is the hurdle. Virender says you have forgiven me. Neelam nods yes. Kiran says Lakshmi is the markesh dosh of Malishka’s life and says whenever she goes, someone brings her. Abhay says they are educated, but gets trapped by her, and I am pained that they don’t see Malishka’s pain. Kiran says don’t know why Dadi stopped her for small work. Ayush asks Shalu, why she came so closer to him. She says so that she can slap him. Ayush says I don’t need it. Shalu says she is joking. He hopes that everything becomes fine and says Rishi Bhai wants to dance with Lakshmi bhabhi once, it is clear in his eyes. Abhay tells Kiran that Malishka shall be careful and we shall not let this golden opportunity go from our hands. Shalu says even Di wants to dance with Jiju. Ayush says it seems we have to do something. He says we shall think of an idea. He gets an idea and tells Shalu that even walls have walls and asks her to come near him. He whispers idea in her ear. Shalu appreciates him and calls him hero, and says first hero is jiju so you are second hero. He says my second heroine, and says if I am hero then you will be my heroine. They look at each other and have a laugh, falling in love with each other. Ayush says if you look at me this way, then I will fall in love with you. Dadi thinks there is no comparison between Malishka and Lakshmi, and thinks how to make Neelam understand this. Virender tells Neelam that day, you was looking very beautiful and even today. Neelam says I will feel shy. Virender says I remember all the moment. Neelam says everyone was teasing you, when you was about to make me wear ring. She says today Rishi will make Malishka wear the ring? She says their ring is in the room, I will get it. Virender asks shall I come with you. Neelam says no. She goes. The thief tells the others that they didn’t get the secret locker. They think to check in the other rooms.

Rishi and Malishka continue to dance, and also the other couples. As the partners change, Shalu comes to Rishi, while Malishka comes to Ayush. Malishka asks Ayush how can you make me as your dance partner. Ayush says it is circumstances and situation. Malishka says I will be your Bhabhi, Lakshmi is here for time being. She says that’s why you are dancing with me. Bani asks Lakshmi to come with her and dance. She says you know that I like to dance, but feeling shy. Lakshmi says not now. Dadi asks her to go and enjoy. Bani says now you have to dance.

Neelam thinks today ring ceremony will happen and then marriage, and says it is my dream to get Rishi married to Malishka. She opens the door and sees the thieves standing. She asks who are they?

Precap: Ayush asks Rishi to be happy, and says you have Malishka in your destiny. Rishi gets upset. Lakshmi asks Malishka to change her thinking, as she will be the part of the family now. She says money is not asked in exchange of doing something for our dear ones, as it is very precious. Lakshmi and Rishi have a dance. Malishka asks Ayush if it is his plan. The thief pushes Neelam and she falls down on the floor.

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