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The Episode starts with Rishi beating the thief no 2 and says he will not leave him. Ayush asks Rishi to leave him and says Mama is calling you downstairs. Rishi tells the thief no 2 that if something happens to my family then I will kill you all. Virender shouts Rishi. Malishka says what did you do uncle, when the gun was aimed on your head, you didn’t call Rishi, and now when it is on Lakshmi’s head, you have called Rishi. She says they can do anything with Rishi. Virender says I didn’t care for my life, when the gun was on my head, but now the gun is on my daughter’s head. He says he is sure that Lakshmi and Rishi will not let anything happen to each other, they are each other’s shield. The thief no 4 asks Virender not to use his tongue. Dadi says you are mannerless. The thief no 4 asks Dadi to be silent and asks if she wants to die. Virender slaps him and asks what do you think that we will be scared and tells that my son will come in sometime. Malishka says you shouldn’t have called Rishi here, if you don’t care for him.

Rishi sees Lakshmi on gun point and thinks that image/sign/visual was right. The thief no. 1 asks Virender to call his son. Rishi says it is not needed, as I have come. He pushes the thief no. 2 from the stairs and he comes downstairs. The thief no. 2 gets up and comes to his partners. Malishka thinks why Rishi is doing this. Rishi comes near thief no 1 and asks him to throw the gun, leave the girl and fight with him. Malishka thinks why he is provoking the thief. Rishi tells Lakshmi that like she feels and senses whenever he is in danger, even he felt the same and saw an image infront of his eyes. He apologizes to her for not understanding it and says now I have come. He asks thief no. 1 to leave her. The thief no 1 tells that they will take the stuff, but before that I will make your condition worse. Shalu puts her finger on thief no. 1 and tells that she is not like her sister, and will shoot him really. She asks Ayush to take guns from them. Ayush takes guns and knives from them. He comes to Shalu and says you have made gun with your finger. Shalu smiles. The thief no. 1 hears her and snatches gun from Ayush’s hand. Rishi and Ayush fight with the thieves.

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