The grand conclusion of Bigg Boss OTT season 2 marked an extraordinary moment as Elvish Yadav emerged victorious, etching his name in history as the first wildcard entrant to seize the coveted Bigg Boss OTT trophy. Engaging in a candid conversation, Elvish delved into his journey, his camaraderie with Abhishek Malhan, and his complex relationship of both admiration and contention with the show’s host, Salman Khan.

Reflecting on the significance of his triumph, Elvish remarked, “The culmination of the show has underscored the significance of impact over the mere duration of stay. It’s not about how many days you’ve spent within, but rather about the quality of life you’ve lived.”

Discussing his heartfelt reunion with his mother, Elvish shared, “My mother holds a special place in my heart, and my emotions were stirred in the house primarily due to thoughts of her. During the family week, my father graced the show, and for the finale, my mother also joined – a deeply emotional moment for me. Whether I had won or not, the reunion itself was a source of immense happiness for both of us after such a prolonged separation.”

Elvish’s creative work included videos satirizing Bollywood icon Salman Khan back in 2020, who coincidentally served as the show’s host.

Addressing his dynamic with Salman Khan, Elvish clarified, “The roast videos I crafted about Salman Khan were created three years ago in 2020. Since then, I have undergone substantial personal growth, and my content has evolved as well. I targeted various personalities, not just Salman Khan. My perspective toward Salman sir has also evolved, as he addressed my errors during ‘weekend ka vaar’ discussions, much like an elder brother. He imparted valuable insights, demonstrating his ability to let go of past incidents, which I truly appreciated.”

Elvish recounted how Salman Khan comforted him before the announcement of the results when he was overcome by nerves. “He held my hand and felt my racing heartbeat. He advised me to remain calm, reassured that everything would be fine, and encouraged me to stay composed.”

Confident about the durability of his bond with Abhishek Malhan, the first runner-up, Elvish shared, “Our friendship may have encountered shifts, but our brotherhood has only grown stronger. In the end, our connection has intensified.”

When queried about his affection for Pooja Bhatt, Elvish humorously responded, “Pooja Bhatt possesses an ageless charm. I candidly stated that if our ages were aligned, I would have definitely approached her.”

Expressing his adoration for his beloved actress, Alia Bhatt, he added, “Alia Bhatt remains my eternal admiration. I sorely missed her presence. In fact, I hadn’t just missed her; I hadn’t had the chance to meet her at all. I had placed her poster inside my home and would exchange high-fives with it daily.”

Concluding on a reflective note, Elvish outlined the lessons he gleaned from the show, stating, “The show has imparted lessons of patience, accountability for one’s mistakes, and the management of anger. These are valuable takeaways.”

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