Dev Joshi opens up on Baal Veer going off-air; says, “The weekend slot didn’t work for the show”

In the third season of the TV show “Baal Veer,” lead actor Dev Joshi has expressed that the chosen weekend time slot was not conducive for the show’s success. The show, which began airing in March, is set to conclude in October after a six-month run. Dev Joshi shared that the show’s viewership suffered due to the weekend time slot, as the audience had become accustomed to watching it on weekdays during the previous two seasons.

According to Dev, the initial weeks of the third season on the weekend slot saw a decline in viewership because the established audience pattern had been disrupted. However, recognizing this issue, the show’s creators made the decision to move it back to weekdays. The challenge, as Dev pointed out, was that the audience had missed out on the show during the weekends, causing a disconnect with the storyline. “Baal Veer” is categorized as an adventure/fantasy show, and its daily viewing schedule contributed to the audience’s enjoyment. Despite its lackluster performance in terms of ratings during the third season, the show is set to conclude in October, with the possibility of returning after a hiatus since additional episodes have already been filmed.

Dev Joshi, who portrayed the lead role in all three seasons of “Baal Veer,” expressed his desire to continue acting in the fantasy genre. He finds it enjoyable due to the elements of thrill, social messaging, and entertainment it offers to viewers. However, he remains uncertain about taking up roles in daily soap operas. For now, he is content with adventure/fantasy shows.

Aside from Dev Joshi, “Baal Veer 3” also featured Aditi Sanwal, Ada Khan, Behzaad Khan, and Aditya Ranvijay in significant roles.

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