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The episode starts with Krishna getting emotional recalling Nupur on stage wishing him happy teacher’s day. Amma asks Yashoda to return home. Yashoda says Krishna must be emotional as Nupur addressed him as her teacher, she can’t let Krishna being humiliated again in that house. Amma recalls Arvind insulting Babuji and says that house needs her. Babuji brings jalebi and samosas. Nupur asks Yashoda to give jalebi and samosa to Krishna first. Yashoda notices Astha sitting alone. Amma asks Yashoda to go and give snacks to Astha. Nupur feeds jalebi to Krishna. Krishna thanks her for accepting an orphan as her brother and calling him a teacher on stage. Nupur says elders brothers don’t cry but bless younger sisters and hugs him. Astha gets angry seeing that and asks Babuji to take her from there.

Kamini and Bansal ask Sonu to call Mahua as mamma from hereon. Sonu asks why shall he. They say he will become rich if he does so. Sonu agrees. Mahua plays with her doll and tells Arvind that her son doesn’t speak. Arvind says Sonu will speak with her and she can play with him. Mahua feels happy when Sonu talks to her. Amma and Babuji return home. Bansal asks how was their teacher’s day celebration. Babuji says it was not like before. Amma tells family that from tonight Janmastami celebration will start, they shall perform pooja tomorrow. Arvind says they will not celebrate janmastami in this house. Babuji asks if he will stop them from celebrating festival. Arvind says why shall he perform janmastami when he lost his child because of Yashoda and his parents are supporting Yashoda. He continues to vent his frustration on Babuji and walks away.

Kamini tells Babuji that Arvind is hurt and he shouldn’t force him to celebrate janmastami this year. Babuji feels upset. Amma comforts him and says she told him that he won’t be face himself one day, they shall celebrate janmastami at Yashoda’s place if not here. Babuji agrees. Yashoda gets emotional. Krishna asks reason. Yashoda says every year they used to celebrate janmastami lavishly, but this year she doesn’t have money to celebrate janmastami. Nupur says she and Astha used to prepare prasad and they used to drink glassful of prasad after pooja. Yashoda says they shall celebrate janmastami next year. Manoj and Gayatri walk in and says they shall celebrate janmastami at her house like every year. Amma and Babuji walk in next with Bal Gopal idol. Yashoda gets emotional seeing them and starts janmastami bhajan and pooja.

Arvind fumes when he learns that Amma and Babuji when to Yashoda’s house for janmastami celebration and says he will go and bring them back. Kamini stops him and says they shall finish adoption formalities first. Astha fumes feeling lonely at home and thinks why shall she not celebrate celebrate janmastami with family because of Krishna. She leaves home and heads towards Yashoda’s house. Goons notice her and surround her to kidnap her.

Precap: Kamini calls Babuji and asks if Astha is with them as she is not at home. Babuji says no. Goons run behind Astha. Krishna reaches to save Astha. Goons surround him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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