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The episode starts with Astha heading towards Yashoda’s house to celebrate janmastami. Goons notice her and think of kidnapping and selling her. They surround her. Yashoda finishes pooja and serves prasad to everyone. Kamini calls Babuji and asks if Astha came with them. Babuji says no and asks her to search in the house itself. Kamini says she searched whole house and didn’t find her. Bansal tells Kamini that Astha stays in their house and it’s their responsibility to find her. Yashoda gets worried for Astha. Amma asks her not to worry as Astha must be somewhere in the house. Yashoda notices Krisha also missing.

Goons catch Astha. Astha kicks one of them and runs. They surround her. Krishna enters to rescue her. Goons ask who is he. Krishna says today is Krishna’s birthday and they are doing sins, he is Krishna. Goons laugh and say they are Kans then. They attack Krishna. Ustadji reaches there and beats goons. Goons repeatedly try to catch Astha. Krishna protects her. Goons run away. Ustadji takes Astha to Yashoda’s house and says a few goons tried to kidnap Astha, but when she has a brother like Krishna, nothing will happen to her; Krishna protected Astha from the goons, he went and shooed the goons away. Amma asks Astha why did he leave the house at midnight. Astha says she wanted to celebrate janmastami with them. Yashoda hugs and pampers Astha. Astha asks prasad. Yashoda asks her to remove her slippers first and gives prasad. She then asks Astha to thank Krishna.

Astha refuses to thank Krishna and says he failed to protect her, it’s Ustadji who saved them both. She says her mother and sister had to leave the house because of Krishna and she will never thank or apologize him. Amma says she is misbehaving now. Babuji says Astha is right, they will not tell her anything. Krishna walks out and sits sadly thinking he needs to get a job to pay Nupur’s fees and take care of house expenses. Yashoda walks to him and apologizes him on Astha’s behalf. Krishna says his mother told him that she named him after Lord Krisha as Krishna faced many hurdles in life and overcame them, similarly she wants him to overcome all his hurdles in life. Yashoda says there is one more meaning to it, he has to stay with this Yashoda maiya for the rest of his life. Krishna emotionally hugs him.

Kamini gets Sonu ready as Bal Krishna and over phone tells someone that she will be rich soon and will pay his debt. Amma hears that and asks how will she get rich. Kamini lies that Bansal is starting a business, someone else will invest and Ashok will use his brain to grow the business. Bansal walks down holding adoption papers. Babuji bumps on him and asks which papers is he carrying. Amma says damadaji is starting a new business and asks Bansal to show her documents Ashok hears that and over phone asks Yashoda to take her daughter from here and they can’t bear her expenses and their house is not a dharamshala. Yashoda requests him to wait for a few days.

Babuji gets angry on Ashok and confronts him for misbehaving with Yashoda. Ashok holds Babuji’s hand and warns him to be in his limits as she has gone old. Amma confronts Ashok for misbehaving with his father. Kamini interferes and says when parents become old, they should sit in a corner and not interfere in children’s issues; Amma is asking Bansal to show the documents, she will ask Ashok to show his business profit and loss statement next. Mahua says they are getting late for the temple. Ashok and all leave. Babuji breaks down. Astha asks Babuji not to bother about dirty Arvind uncle’s words. Babuji says it’s his house and he will destroy it before they destroy it. He starts kicking furniture. Amma tries to calm him down.

Precap: Amma tells Kamini that daughter and SOIL shouldn’t stay in parent’s house for long and gives her a rented house’s keys to shift there. Arvind says even he wants his parents not to chant Yashoda’s name in this house, he wants them to go and stay in that rented house instead.

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