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The Episode starts with Randhir giving juice to Yashoda and Nupur, and says my party’s special guests are just sitting. He asks them to take the glasses and leave from there. Yashoda and Nupur drink the juice. Krishna comes to babu ji’s house through terrace. Kamini comes calling Sonu and says she is bringing food for him. Krishna comes to Aastha’s room and hears her saying that Mummy doesn’t care for her. He says it is not like that. Krishna asks her to see whatever her Mummy has sent her. Aastha asks if there are so many items in the bag. Krishna says yes. She says she will bring the utensils. Yashoda starts feeling drowsy after having the juice. Nupur asks what happened? Yashoda asks her to sit and says she will be back. She goes to wash her face. Randhir looks at her and thinks the medicine is showing its affect, you will get unconscious and then your life’s biggest drama will happen. Yashoda asks the lady where is washroom? The lady asks her to go to the upstairs bedroom. Randhir follows Yashoda. Yashoda falls. Randhir holds her. The lady who guided her to the room, takes their photo in romantic posture. Krishna says when Badi Baby have the food, I will make her understand how much Madam ji loves him. Aastha cheats him and calls Arvind there, and says he has entered the house like a thief. Krishna says I didn’t come to steal. Arvind says how dare you come here? He runs out behind him. Krishna falls down. Arvind slaps him and beats him badly. Amma asks Arvind to leave him. Babu ji holds Amma and asks Arvind to tie Krishna. Arvind pulls Krishna’s hair. Randhir asks the lady if the photos are enough. He says the morning will be black for Yashoda, and asks her if she knows what to do with the photos. She says yes. Nupur comes there and asks what happened to Mummy. Randhir says he will bring medicine and asks her to be with her.

Mahua tells Arvind that he (Krishna) is a baby kidnapper. Arvind asks her to take care of baby and says he will beat the thief and come. He asks Krishna, why did he come? To steal? Krishna says I came to give the food to Badi baby. Babu ji blames Krishna and says you have snatched everything from us, and stolen so much. Arvind blames him and says you have stolen everything from us. Krishna says I had come here to give food to Badi baby. He says Madam ji and Nupur must be waiting for me. Kamini says you would have knocked on the door and come inside with permission. She says he had come to steal. Bansal asks him to say. Krishna says I didn’t come here to steal, and says your son has stolen my mother’s dreams, hopes and everything from her. She says then you and your son are thieves too. Amma says Krishna is not wrong and asks Babu ji to prove that Krishna is saying wrong, else let him go. She says if Krishna is thief then everyone are thieves too. Babu ji says we will decide after Ashok comes, but Krishna will be tied here until Yashoda comes here, and tells Amma that he hopes that she don’t open the rope, and asks her not to force him to do what he don’t want to do.

Randhir thanks the guests for coming. He finds Yashoda’s phone on the table where they were seated before. Nupur comes to him and says Mummy is still unconscious. Randhir locks her in the house and asks her to see her mother’s face all night, says she will gain consciousness in the morning. Nupur goes to Yashoda and tells that Uncle didn’t give medicine and locked the door also. Amma sits with Krishna.

In the morning, Yashoda gains consciousness and finds herself on the bed. She finds Nupur sitting on the floor and wakes her up. Nupur asks if you are fine? Yashoda asks how did we come here, and says she don’t remember. Nupur says Randhir had locked them in the room and left. Yashoda asks where is Krishna? Nupur says he didn’t come. Yashoda comes out of room and sees Randhir’s father photo frame. Randhir comes there and asks Yashoda to see the photos in the newspaper. Yashoda gets shocked. Randhir says newspaper wrote that something is going on between us, that we…He asks her to read herself. Yashoda says what is this photo and says may be I fainted and you was helping me and someone clicked the photos. She says we have to file Police complaint and shall know who has done this. Randhir says I did and smiles.

Episode ends.

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