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The episode starts with Yashoda feeling sad recalling Arvind’s bitter words. Krishna asks her what happened? Yashoda says Astha has become a burden in that house, but she doesn’t want to come here. Krishna asks if Arvind said something. Yashoda asks how does he know? Krishna says only he can misbehave in that house. Yashoda says if she can get a job, she can bring Astha here and tell her that she will give her a life she wants, but she is not getting any job. Krishna asks her not to worry about Astha as Amma and Babuji are there in that house to take care of Astha. Arvind’s lawyer takes Arvind and Kamini/Bansal’s signatures on adoption papers and tells him that he will file these papers in court today and will get get them approved.

Yashoda’s neighbor speaks to her and suggests her to return home as relatives will conspire and snatch their rights. Yashoda says how will someone snatch her children’s rights; when Kauravs couldn’t get Hastinapur via conspiracy, nobody can snatch her children’s rights in this age. Lawyer gets approval and congratulates Arvind. He says he can transfer his property in Sonu’s name anytime he wants to. Kamini and Bansal get happy hearing that. Arvind tells Mahua that Sonu is their son. Mahua says Sonu calls her maami/unt and is her nephew. Bansal says he will call her maa and is her son from hereon. Mahua gets happy. Arvind asks her not to inform anyone that Sonu is their son from hereon.

Yashoda searches for job in a newspaper. Shamshera walks in and asks what is she doing. Yashoda says she is searching for a job. Shamshera asks why don’t she start her own business. Nupur says they don’t have so much money for the business. Shamshera asks Yashoda to bring tea for him. Yashoda says there is no milk at home. Shamshera says she can prepare milkless tea. She walks into kitchen. Shamshera says she can start a tea business as nobody in this area can prepare tea better than her. Krishna asks how much will it take for a tea shop. Shamshera says around 10000-12000 rs, which Yashoda can borrow from him and repay him slowly once her business grows.

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