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The Episode starts with Randhir telling Yashoda that he got the photos clicked and published. Yashoda asks have you gone mad? Randhir asks what did you think that I felt sympathy on helpless and weak woman. He says I was acting and was writing story for you and your family. He says he had done Krishna’s accident and this is how, he has trapped the flying bird in his trap. Nupur also hears him. Yashoda asks why did you do this? Randhir says you don’t trust anyone easily, and that’s why I have to drag you to trust me, and look at me, I got successful. He says every house is spitting on you, and this news will reach your sasural like a strict slap. Yashoda slaps him hard. Randhir says exactly this way.

Arvind comes home and shows the newspaper to Amma, babu ji and Kamini. Kamini acts to be shocked. Amma and Babu ji get shocked. Arvind asks Amma, if you will say that your badi bahu’s character is good. Amma sits in shock. Kamini smiles. Krishna asks Arvind, what is he saying about Madam ji. Kamini slaps him and asks him to see what is written. Bansal says this is your Madam’s truth. Babu ji tears the newspaper in anger.

Yashoda asks Randhir why did you do this? She asks what is your enmity that you are taking revenge brutally. Randhir says this is my father Diwakar Sharma, a very big lawyer, more bigger than Ashok Gupta. He says my father had interns like Ashok Gupta. He says Ashok’s first case was against his father, and tells that his father wants to win this case anyhow, and it was open and shut case for him. Ashok manipulated the case and made fake witnesses and backstabbed my father. He says Ashok became a big lawyer, and my father lost the case. He says my father became a joke that he lost the case for the first time lawyer. He says he gave NOC to clients so that his cases can be fought by others, and his assistants left him. He says my father committed suicide, and I had sworn to take revenge from Ashok. He says he wants to fight cases against him, and made him lose, but Ashok always made him lose. He says I couldn’t sleep since many years, and when he ran away, I understood that I can’t harm him, then I remember my father’s words that the human can be powerful, but he has some weakness, ie, you and your kids. He says you don’t have any solution than to commit suicide, I have brought storm in your life. He says your sasur might have committed suicide by now. Yashoda and Nupur run out worriedly. Randhir shouts go. He says today your revenge is fulfilled, and says whatever I will do after this, will be interest. Krishna tells everyone that Randhir did this intentionally to trap Madam ji. Kamini asks why Randhir will do this.

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