Doosri Maa 15th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Arvind misbehaving with Babuji. He says he will pay him rent every month and warns him not to interfere in his issues again. He leaves with Kamini and Bansal. Babuji fumes and says this house belongs to him and he will not go from here until his death, Arvind can kick him out like he kicked Yashoda out of the house. He says he will return house keys to it’s owner and tell him that he will handle Arvind first and then think what to do next. Yashoda gets worried when Krishna doesn’t return home after a long time. Krishna returns with a bag of corncobs and says he borrowed it from a nearby village farmer and promised to pay his money after selling them, he will sell them outside the house and earn money for Madamji. Nupur says he finds some or the other way out. Krishna says when Madamji can fight with the whole world for him, can’t he sell corncobs for her. Yashoda gets emotional.

Kamini and Bansal thank Arvind for supporting them against Babuji. Arvind says they also have a right on this house and can stay here peacefully. Amma hears their conversation and thinks something is going on between them, she needs to find out. Babuji returns home and says he will visit Astha’s school tomorrow to get her results and will meet lawyer to make a new will as he transferred everything to Arvind out of emotions

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