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The Episode starts with Randhir telling that Yashoda and I love each other. Yashoda asks what nosense, you are saying? Babu ji holds Yashoda’s hand. Yashoda says he is lying. Randhir says I was silent because of you, you said that when Aastha return to you, then we will stay here. He says until when we will hide our love from them and asks why you are scared. Yashoda says he is lying. Randhir asks her not to leave him and don’t make his truth as lie. Krishna says you are doing this to take revenge for your father’s suicide. Randhir says I am a lawyer and says this victory and defeat is an everyone’s work. He says your husband was right and was doing his work, and my father was wrong and should have appreciated him, but he committed suicide. He asks why she is scared, and says I am with you and says your family least care for you. Yashoda asks him not to say about her family. Randhir says love is not a sin and says your husband has left you and your family is torturing you, don’t you have the right to live. Yashoda asks Babu ji to leave her hand and says she will not leave him. Randhir says you are not having strength, but I have it. He asks Babu ji to give Yashoda’s hand in his hand, and says everyone’s happiness lies in this. Yashoda asks how dare you? Babu ji gets up.

Amma asks what you are going to do? Kamini says Babu ji is going to unite Yashoda with her lover. Amma shouts Kamini? Bansal asks until when we will be ashamed for Yashoda’s shameless act. Babu ji takes Yashoda to Randhir. Amma asks what you are doing? Randhir says I will be indebted to you for taking this decision. Babu ji leaves Yashoda’s hand and then slaps Randhir hard. He then grabs his collar and says Yashoda is my bahu and I know what she can do and what she can’t do. He says you can’t provoke us by saying fake story against her, and asks him to leave. He asks him to leave, just he will make his face red and will make him humiliated on the road. Randhir asks if your slap will change Yashoda and my truth and says you are acting to show trust on Yashoda, to save the respect, and you are thinking that nobody will understand, but everyone will understand. He says he will win him. Babu ji asks him to leave else it will be bad. Randhir folds his hand and goes. Yashoda falls on Babu ji’s feet and says enough. She says it is enough for me that my babu ji’s trust and believe is on me.

The neighbor says may be Gupta ji is saving his respect by showing fake trust. Babu ji asks Yashoda to get up. He asks Yashoda to see in everyone’s eyes and says they have question in their eyes and asks her to make them believe her, and this will be possible when she has proof against Randhir. He says nothing will happen, if I regard you innocent. He asks her to go and bring her innocence proofs so that she can get freed from her accusation and he can walk in the neighborhood with pride again. Yashoda says I am relieved that my babu ji’s trust is on me and says you are right that I shall prove my innocence. She says I will give proofs, and Randhir said that he wants to take revenge from Ashok, but he has targeted the family also. She says she will not leave him. The neighbor says we need the answer and leave from there. Yashoda tells Amma that she will leave. Aastha turns her face and goes inside. Nupur and Krishna go with her. Arvind gets angry and goes from there. Kamini tells Bansal that don’t know what happened to Babu ji suddenly, and from where he got so much sympathy and love for Yashoda. Yashoda is thinking about Babu ji’s words and going to her house.

Arvind asks Babu ji, why did he melt down after Yashoda told him the fake story. Babu ji says I didn’t become stone for Yashoda. Amma says but you have made stone walls and this is happening due to it. Babu ji says I thought Ashok will return seeing her outside. Amma says Ashok might have seen the newspaper today, and says he shall come by now else you have to go and bring Yashoda, Nupur and Krishna back home. Kamini says Krishna? Amma says yes, Krishna also. She says I will not say if you fight with her at home, but I can’t see her struggling outside. She says either Ashok will return or you will bring them. Arvind says no, she will never return in the house, she deserves hatred, she is my baby’s murderer. Mahua comes there and says Yashoda will not come here, she has stolen my baby. Arvind says nobody will come, I will make sure. He threatens Amma and Babu ji and says if anyone thinks about this, then I will not bear. Yashoda comes to their house and finds the door open. The landlord is inside and asks them to pick their stuff and leave from there. Yashoda asks the landlady to make him understand. The landlord says he will decide, and asks her to pick her stuff and leave. Amma tells Babu ji that everything is shattering and asks him to gather everything.

Precap: Yashoda, Krishna and Nupur are wandering on the road. Amma tells Babu ji that Yashoda is thrown out of the house. Krishna searches for the place to stay, and hears about the competition.

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