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The Episode starts with the guy trying to move Ustad ji’s leg, but couldn’t move. Ustad’s guy asks if there is someone who is courageous enough to move Ustad ji’s leg. Krishna says I will do. Everyone laughs at him. Ustad’s guy says your whole weight is not equal to Ustad ji’s leg. Krishna says if I will get the money if I move his leg. Ustad ji says you will get it if you win and asks him to come. Krishna comes infront of him and folds his hand to greet him, and then bends down to move his leg. Yashoda and Nupur are searching Krishna. Krishna tries his best to move Ustad ji’s leg. Amma prays to God and says only you are the one, infront of whom I can pray. She asks her to help Yashoda and get her a house. Aastha tells Babu ji that Dadi is doing wrong, yashoda shall not get the house, and shall leave Krishna so that everything becomes fine. Nupur sees Krishna trying to move wrestler’s leg and tells Yashoda. Yashoda gets shocked. Krishna falls down while trying to move Ustad ji’s leg. Yashoda shouts Krishna. Krishna says if this leg doesn’t move then how the money arrangement will be done to stay. He tickles Ustad ji on his foot. Ustad ji feels the tickling and keeps his foot loose. Krishna manages to move his leg. Ustad ji is about to fall down, and handles himself. He says this boy has lifted my leg by cheat, he is a betrayal. Krishna says I am not betrayal, but helpless. Ustad ji asks if you thought me as a fool. Yashoda says no Bhaiyya, he is saying truth, my son is not betrayal.

Ustad ji asks Yashoda to tell everything clearly. Yashoda tells him everything since she is thrown out from her house by Babu ji, and Randhir’s conspiracy due to which the landlord throwing them out of the house. Krishna says I was an orphan and she gave me shelter and now I want to become her support. She says we want money for lodge rent, as it is 200-300 rs per day, and I thought I can get the money to stay in lodge for 2-3 days. Ustad ji’s guy tells that they will not give him prize money. Ustad ji says you shall not get the money as per the rules, but I will come with you, to help you stay in the same house. Yashoda calls we don’t need anyone’s help now. Krishna says we got betrayed by a man, who troubled us a lot. He says just give me money, then we will handle. Ustad ji says I have gone through such circumstances, and I can understand your pain and sorrows. Yashoda says I matter is…Ustad ji says you called me brother, so let me do the duty of a brother, and says you have betrayed in many relations, but all relations are not selfish. He asks Krishna to come and asks him to believe him, and asks Yashoda to believe her brother.

Amma asks Babu ji to do something. Babu ji says I can’t do anything. Amma asks him to talk to her and asks if Ashok called. Babu ji asks what you are saying? Amma says I am just asking, he didn’t call me, if he has called you then tell me. Babu ji says he didn’t call. Amma says neither Ashok came nor his phone and asks if we will let Yashoda to wander in his wait, and says I don’t know anything. She asks him to go and bring yashoda back. Arvind says Bhabhi will not come back home. Amma asks him not to talk to her, and says she will be in the corner of the house. She says we can’t let her wander on the road. Arvind shouts Mahua. Mahua comes downstairs and asks if you have brought chocolates for Munna. He tells Mahua that they are saying that Yashoda Bhabhi shall be brought home. Mahua gets mad, throws the things and says she shall not come here. Arvind says Yashoda will not come here. He gives her chocolates and asks her to count it. He goes to Amma and asks did you see, you are asking me to forget, and says I didn’t bring her from the road, she is your bahu as well, and you have responsibility for her. He says if Bhabhi is wandering on then road, then Mahua has gone mad because of her. Mahua asks if you called me mad? Arvind says no, I didn’t call you mad, but called Krishna as mad. Mahua says then its fine. Arvind says you can forget everything, but I can’t. He tells Amma that Yashoda has destroyed them and says yashoda has killed my baby. He says I don’t want any clarifications, that woman has gone very far from us, I don’t want her in this house. He says if you don’t agree then I will take Mahua from here very far. Kamini smiles hearing him and says Amma and babu ji will not let Yashoda come back in this house. Mahua hears Yashoda’s name and throws the things. Arvind says even I want her not to come here, and they shall decide. He hugs her and says I will fight with everyone for you. He says Munna might be alone in the room. Mahua says she will take chocolate for him. Aastha looks at them.

Babu ji thinks how can Yashoda do this with Arvind, and says it is unbelievable, but everything happened infront of our eyes. He asks God to help Yashoda, as she is on the road. Ustad ji breaks the lock and asks Yashoda to get inside. Yashoda says let the landlord come, this is not right. Ustad ji says how they can throw you out. Yashoda says this is wrong. The landlord comes there and says he will call the Police and will get the compensation from them for breaking the lock. Ustad ji grabs the landlord’s collar and says she is my sister, if you trouble her then I will bury you here. Yashoda asks Ustad ji to leave him and tells the landlord that once they get the house, they will leave from here. Ustad ji asks Yashoda to stay here only. Yashoda says I will give the rent on time. The landlord runs out. Krishna thanks Ustad ji. Ustad ji says for the first time, someone called me brother. Ustad ji asks him to bring his stuff inside. Yashoda gets thankful to Ustad ji and gets emotional.

Precap: Amma tells that she will make Yashoda have curd and sugar. Arvind shouts stopping Amma and holds her hand. Yashoda asks him to leave Amma’s hand. Arvind says I don’t want to use my power on you, but you didn’t leave any chance to me. He holds her hand to throw her out. Yashoda asks him to leave her hand. Amma shouts at him.

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