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The episode starts with Yashoda performing pooja of Krishan corncob stall and blessing him. Krishna promises to work only after returning from school. Randhir’s assistant get his bail and gets him out of lockup. Randhir scolds him for being too late. Manoj enters police station, gives him a court order, and warns him to stay away from Yashoda and her children or else he will face dire consequences. Randhir says at least Yashoda’s one devar/BIL is loyal to her even after knowing that he will destroy her soon, but Manoj can’t save her at all. He leaves wishing Manoj all the best.

Yashoda teaches Krishna how to barbeque corncob and says she will get salt for his corncobs. Nupur says what is there to prepare in a salt. Yashoda says when she was a child, she used to have a street vendor’s corncob and was fond of his salt preparation, she took recipe from him, business can’t go well if it’s not unique from others. Babuji with Astha and Amma enters and says it holds good for relationships. He says Astha should stay with Yashoda from heron. Astha asks why should she and says until Krishna is in this house, she will not stay here. Amma says if she doesn’t stay with Yashoda today, she can’t see Yashoda’s face in life again. She gets emotional saying she knows what a mother goes through when her child is not with her. Babuji says its his mistake that he didn’t stop Asthok that night.

Nupur takes Astha in. Yashoda gets emotional and says god sent them to bless Krishna on his first business day. She asks Amma to go in while she gets masalas for corncob salt. Amma says they will go home as there is no one at home. Yashoda leaves. Krishna touches Babuji’s feet and says he could start business because Babuji let him stay at his house. Amma asks Babuji to bless Krishna as a child forgetting that is he an illegitimate kid. Babuji blesses Krishna. Amma says she will buy corncob first and asks him to give her 2 corncobs. Babuji says he doesn’t want it and walks away. Amma says Babuji’s teeth have gone weak due to old age and buys one corncob.

Nupur shows new fan to Astha and says both she and Yashoda lover her a a lot and even Krishna does, but if she doesn’t like Krishna, she should ignore him. Randhir meets Yashoda and says her loyal devar Manoj got a court notice and warned him to stay away from her, but she knows how much he can harm her. Yashoda says she blindly trusted him and got betrayed, now she is alert and he can’t harm her. Nupur tells Astha that once mom returns home, they will prepare salt masala for corcobs. Astha recalls a rat poison incident at home, walks to a shop, and steals rat poison in lieu of buying biscuit pack. She returns home, asks Nupur to bring milk to have biscuits, and silently mixes rat poison in salt thinking people will die after having it and Krishna will go to jail. Yashoda returns home and asks Astha what is she doing.

Precap: People fall ill after having Krishna’s corncob and hand over Krishna to police. Doctor says dangerous medicine is mixed in corncob. Inspector asks who was selling corncob.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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