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The Episode starts with Amma talking to Yashoda and says she felt good that she got her house back. Yashoda says wrestler helped her. Amma says people says right that stranger helps us. Babu ji takes the call and says I will not hear the taunts always, and asks Yashoda to make her saas understand. Yashoda tells her that Babu ji is worried and asks her not to tell anything. Yashoda says she will come to the house tomorrow, and will have curd and sugar, to make a new start. Amma asks what new start. Yashoda says she will not bear wrong and will give answer to right and wrong, and says tomorrow morning, this Yashoda will not be there. She says I want to make a new start tomorrow with Babu ji and your blessings. Nupur and Krishna hear her, and says we are with you. They come and hug Yashoda. Krishna asks her not to be afraid of anyone, as she is never wrong. Yashoda says if I get scared or bend down then everything will be over, which I can’t let it happen.

Arvind makes Mahua wear sandal and says we will go to park and then will go to doctor. Mahua asks who is unwell. Arvind says you said that we shall ask Munna, what to feed to our son. Mahua says ok. She says she will go to washroom and come. Arvind says ok.

Amma is worried and asks Babu ji to tell truly. He says when Yashoda used to make tea, you didn’t leave even a drop in the cup, and since Yashoda went, you leave half tea in the cup. Babu ji says nobody can make better tea than Yashoda. Yashoda comes there and hears him. Babu ji says I will drink half tea, but can’t bear wrong. Amma says Yashoda is going to come, shall I tell her. Babu ji says no, and asks her not to tell Yashoda. Amma says if she comes after Arvind goes then it is good. Yashoda says Amma…She comes to babu ji and touches her feet. Babu ji keeps his hand on her head. He asks for her innocence proofs. Yashoda says I am going to gather proofs for my innocence and that’s why I came to take Amma and your blessings, and have curd and sugar with Amma’s hand. Amma says she will bring. Nupur says we have brought. Amma says she will bring. Aastha comes there. Yashoda calls her. Amma brings curd and sugar. Arvind comes there and asks Yashoda why did she come here? Yashoda says I will have curd and sugar and will leave. Arvind asks her to leave, and asks Amma to take her outside and make her have it there, and asks her to stop the drama here. Krishna asks babu ji to say something and says this house is yours. Aastha asks Krishna not to say. Amma says I will make her have curd and sugar in this house itself. Arvind says no, not in this house. He shouts at her. Yashoda asks him to leave Amma’s hand.

Arvind asks her to leave her hand and says I don’t want to use my strength else it will be problematic for you. Yashoda says you can use your strength, but leave Amma’s hand. Babu ji asks them to stop the drama. Arvind says Amma will not make her have curd and sugar. Yashoda asks if Amma doesn’t have right to make me have it. Arvind says you and your son talk about rights always and says I will give your rights to you. Amma asks Arvind to keep the goddess idol out, and then she will not make Yashoda have the curd and sugar, and will not give her blessings. Babu ji says leave her hand. Arvind refuses and says I will throw her out. Babu ji says again. Arvind shouts no. Babu ji gets up and slaps Arvind. He says the person shall not cross his limits in anger and ego, and takes him inside. Arvind brushes off his hand shocking him. Babu ji says you are insulting me. Arvind says you are not doing anything so that I respect you. He asks him to make Amma understand and says your badi bahu will not come here.

Amma makes Yashoda have curd and sugar. Mahua is coming downstairs and shouts seeing yashoda. Arvind stops her. Aastha goes inside. Yashoda leaves from there. She tells Krishna and Nupur that they will go to Randhir’s office as they will get her innocence proofs there. Krishna takes her phone and calls someone. They go to Randhir’s office. Yashoda asks the employee to give them guest lists of the party. The employee refuses to tell. The wrestler comes there and threatens him. Nupur and Krishna request the employee to help them. The wrestler requests him to help his sister. The employee says I will help you, but Randhir shall not know. Yashoda asks for the list. He says it must be kept here, and asks her to search it. They begin searching. Randhir gets down from his car and is coming there. He comes inside.

Episode ends.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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