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The Episode starts with Aastha telling Amma that she has to go to school and there is nothing in kitchen to eat. Arvind asks if we have taken your responsibility and says we don’t care if you eat or not. Amma says that’s why I wanted you to go to her. Aastha says Mummy takes care of just Krishna. Amma asks if you are raised by yourself. Krishna, Yashoda and Nupur are going to school, when they see Aastha on the way and crying. Yashoda asks why you are crying, if someone said something to you. Aastha says this is happening because of you, and asks her to go. Yashoda asks her to say and says if you don’t talk to me today then I will never talk to you. She says like you used to count till 5, I will count till 5 today. She starts the countdown and says I will not talk to you. Aastha says talk to Krishna and stay with him. Yashoda says 4 and then 5. Aastha is going. Yashoda holds Krishna and Nupur’s hand tightly being angry. She then leaves their hands and goes. Krishna and Nupur run behind her. Nupur sees Rakhi and asks Krishna about its price. Krishna asks do you want to buy it? Nupur says not now, later. She says we shall go to school, but they look at rakhi and goes.

Aastha tells herself that everyone is sad because of Mummy. Babu ji sits to have food alone, and recalls how his family used to be happy earlier. He is about to eat food, when Amma comes there and tells that Kamini and Bansal shifted Sonu to Mahua’s room, and is cooking something surely. Babu ji says I shall leave food and shall think this also. He takes stick and says I will fight with Arvind, and then will throw Kamini and Bansal out, and then will plead infront of Yashoda. Amma says it is waste to talk to you. He says don’t say this and says he can’t bear now. He says his can’t bear this pain any longer and asks her to share his pains with her sometime else he will die.

Yashoda thinks of Aastha’s words. Amma tells that you are my husband, we will fight and complain to each other. She says don’t say such words again. She says Yashoda has no stuff, shall I send some of their stuff to her, so that they can celebrate Raksha bandhan well.

Yashoda comes to Gayatri’s house and says sorry for being late. Gayatri says you came again. Yashoda says yes, I have come as you have done so much for me and my children. Gayatri says I don’t need you. Yashoda asks did you do breakfast? Gayatri says I don’t want to have relation with you. Yashoda says don’t do it, I will do it, as I regard you the same, Manoj’s wife and my friend. She asks did you do breakfast? Gayatri says I didn’t brush too, as Manoj went for work. Yashoda says I will brush your teeth and then will wipe your face and hands with cloth. She sees Randhir’s call and gives phone to Gayatri. Randhir tells Gayatri that Yashoda has gone mad and tells that she had thrown garbage on his car and asks her to be cautious. Gayatri says she will talk to him later and ends the call. Yashoda brings the plastic bowl and asks her to brush her teeth and then she will wipe her hands and face after that.

Nupur asks the rakhi price. The seller says 150 Rs. Krishna asks Nupur to take his bag inside the house and says he will go and earn some money. Nupur goes inside and locks the door. Amma comes there and tells that she has brought their stuff, so that they can celebrate the festival well. Nupur says Mummy or Krishna are not here, who decides. Amma asks them to keep the stuff outside. Nupur asks Amma about Aastha. Nupur tells her and tells that Aastha has hurt Mummy. Amma leaves. Aastha asks Amma if mummy met her. Amma asks why you want to know, you wanted to give her pain. Yashoda comes home and finds their stuff.

Episode ends.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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