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The Episode starts with Manoj confronting Randhir seeing him in his house. Randhir asks him not to force him to be good. Manoj gets angry. Gayatri asks Manoj to leave him. Randhir goes. Manoj asks why did he come here? Gayatri lies that he had come to see her, as he came to know about her condition. Manoj asks her not to let him come again, as he hates all the persons who troubles Yashoda bhabhi. Gayatri gets worried. Yashoda is cooking food. Krishna tells Yashoda that they shall return these stuff back, and says they didn’t care for us, and now he is showing off by doing this. Yashoda says he is showing that he has not broken relation with us, and that’s why we will respect him and will keep the stuff. Krishna says he has thrown us fully now. Nupur says why we shall keep their stuff here. Yashoda asks her to study and tells that nobody is guilty in this matter.

Later in the night, Yashoda sleeps and sees dream in which Ashok has left her and then Aastha turning her face and going far from her. She gets up restless and cries thinking about Aastha’s words. She comes out of the house and cries, sitting outside. Krishna looks for her, and comes out. He sees Yashoda crying. He goes back and calls Amma. He asks her to help him, go to badi baby’s room and make a video call. Amma asks if everything is fine. Krishna says yes. She says ok. Krishna cries seeing Yashoda crying and says one day I will take all your pains. Amma goes to Aastha’s room and tells her that Krishna called and asked me to do a video call. Aastha refuses to talk to him. Amma makes video call. Krishna asks her to see how Yashoda is crying, sitting outside the house for her. He says she cries every night for you. He ends the call. Amma asks Aastha to sleep peacefully and goes. Aastha cries. Krishna comes to Yashoda and asks her to come. She recalls tying Rakhi to Yashoda every year. Aastha says we will never leave you. A fb is shown. She recalls Yashoda’s love for Krishna and gets upset.

Sonu asks Mahua to hold the baby (pillow), and says he has to go and get ready for Rakhi. Mahua asks him to take the pillow so that the girl ties the rakhi. Sonu comes downstairs and asks Aastha to tie rakhi to the baby. Aastha says it is a pillow. Sonu forces her. Aastha throws the pillow down. Mahua gets angry and starts beating Aastha badly. Sonu laughs. Aastha shouts Dadi. Amma comes there and tries to stop Mahua, says your baby is dead. Mahua calls her old woman and pushes her to throw her out of the house. Amma falls down. Arvind comes there and shouts Mahua. Mahua hugs the pillow and cries. She says they have beaten my Munna. Babu ji asks Arvind to keep Mahua carefully and asks him to explain truth to his wife. Arvind asks him to explain to his wife to keep away from his wife, and says I know well what to talk to whom. Babu ji is shocked.

Amma asks Aastha to calm down. Aastha tells babu ji that she wants to tie Rakhi to Mummy and asks him to buy rakhi. Babu ji asks her to come. They leave. Yashoda asks Nupur why she didn’t finish biscuit and milk. Nupur says she is sad and happy too. Yashoda says lets solve it, first tell why you are happy and why you are sad. Nupur says she is happy that she will tie rakhi to Krishna Bhaiyya and she is sad that Aastha didi is not here. Yashoda says everything will be fine. Nupur says lets buy rakhi for Krishna. Yashoda says let Krishna come then we will go. Ustad ji comes there and tells that Krishna will be late, and asks her to come there and see.

Krishna is making rakhi just like Nupur likes. Babu ji asks the Rakhi seller to give rakhi to his grand daughter. He sees Krishna making rakhi and asks rakhi seller to give 1 rakhi to him also, and says I will give you money. Aastha looks at Krishna.

Episode ends.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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