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The episode starts with Randhir fixing a notice on the door and asks Yashoda to read it carefully. Gayatri comes to Yashoda’s support and confronts Randhir for being so cheap, he earlier acted as helping Yashoda and then threatening to return his favors. Randhir says even she is shameless to backstab Yashoda for money. Manoj warns him to behave with his wife. Radhir says they all together can’t attack a tiger. Manoj asks if he is threatening them. Yashoda stops Manoj. Randhir says she should stop Manoj or else it’s not good for them and asks Yashoda to repay his debt within 24 hours. Yashoda challenges him to save his dignity by tomorrow morning as she will repay his debt anyways, he should sit in his office and think hw to save his dignity. She tears and throws his notice on his face. Randhir leaves.

Krishna asks how will they gather evidence against Randhir in such a short span. Ustadji says kid is right. Yashoda says Ashok used to say that even a cleverst criminal leaves a clue and they need to find it out. Gayatri says Randhir has a link with a woman named Supriya. Yashoda recalls a woman clicking her and Randhir’s pics and says she must be that same woman, they need to find her out. Gayatri says they can find her details from Radhir’s office. Yashoda asks her to stay at home with Nupur and Krishna as she can’t walk. Gayatri insists, but gives up. Krishna says he will accompany madamji/Yashoda at any cost and walks out. Ustadji says this kid will never stop supporting Yashoda in his life.

Amma returns home. Babuji asks if she gave rakhi to Krishna, what did she get out of it. Amma shows a peacock feather and showing her mobile says it has many colorful memorable pics in it; he used to say that it would be a good day when their granddaughters will tie rakhi to their grandson, she clicked all the pics from tying rakhi to getting peacock feather. He refuses to watch them. She offers him tea. He says he doesn’t want tea. She walks out and hopes he watches pics. He picks mobile and asks her to come in and take her mobile back. She returns and asks till when he will live with a dirt in his mind. He says his son filled dirt in his mind by having an illegitimate child and his bahu supported his son in his sin.

Yashoda with Ustadji and Manoj reaches outside Randhir’s office and says they need to get Supriya’s number somehow. Gayatri says how will they as Randhir must be in office now. Yashoda says when she used to work for Randir, he used to maintain an employee diary, they can get Supriya’s number from it. She hears a tea seller getting Randhir’s call and says Randhir is in office now as this man supplies tea to Randhir. Kamini and Bansal notice Mahua playing with Sonu and discuss that they need to emotionally blackmail Mahua to adopt Sonu so that they get Ashok’s wealth via Sonu.

Manoj and UIstadji try to convince Yashoda to spike Randhir’s tea. Yashoda refuses. Krishna says even Lord Krishna used tricks to prevail justice. Manoj says she shouldn’t mind tricking a man who tarnished her character. Yahoda agrees. Manoj in lieu of getting address from tea seller puts a medicine in Randhir’s tea. Randir sitting in his office thinks how to fail Yashoda’s plan. Tea seller serves him tea. Randhir thinks he needs to find out what is going in Yashoda’s mind. Yashoda’s team notices tea seller returning and walks to Randir’s office. Ustadji guards outside while they all 3 search for diary. Yashoda finds diary and gets Supriya’s number. Once they walk out, M9anoj wakes up and recalls ordering tea seller to inform him if he sees Yashoda or Manoj outside his office. He calls Supriya and informs her that Yashoda took her number and asks her to wait for Yashoda’s call and meet him after the call.

Yashoda calls Supriya and says she called her regarding a high-profile case which Manoj is handling and wants to meet her regarding same. Supriya asks where is she right now and agrees to meet. Yashoda waits for Supriya till late evening and calls her back. Supriya meets Randhir and tells Yashoda says she will meet her in a few minutes. Randhir gives her Kanpur and Mumbai tickets and money and asks her to call him after reaching Mumbai. He thinks let Yashoda wait, he will reach her to see her failing in her challenge. Supriya thinks looks like Randhir is a step ahead of him, it would be a problem if she doesn’t get evidence against him.

Precap: Arvind asks Babuji to give him Astha’s fees. Amma asks him not to forget that Astha’s father saved their shop. Randhir meets Yashoda and says he came at 7 a.m. to see if she won the challenge. Yashoda says she lost her challenge and wants to congratulate him by offering him some tea.

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