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The episode starts with Supriya informing everyone that Supriya is telling truth and reveals how Randhir spiked Yashoda’s juice during a party and asked Supriya to click their intimate pics and get them published in news paper. She apologizes for her sin. Amma repeatedly slaps Randhir. Yashoda says let the law punish Randir. Amma slaps Randhir again and says a woman will forgive if she is attacked, but will never forigve if her character is attacked. Police comes and arrests Randhir and Supriya. Manoj asks her not to worry as he will bail her out soon. Supriya says she is not worried if her bail is delayed and is happy that she is out of Randhir’s grip. She requests Yashoda not to inform her father about her whereabouts. Yashoda promises to hide truth and take care of her father until she returns. Randhir tells Supriya that he is happy that she own at least once as he is tired of winning always, he will return and ruin her family. Police takes him away.

Babuji address people and says his bahu is proven pious like Ganga river and warns them to dare not question his bahu’s character or else he will not hesitate to raise a lathi against them. People apologize Yashoda for wrongly accusing her. Amma requests people not to disrespect or any woman again. Yashoda says she will go now. Amma pleads Babuji to stop Yashoda as she is proven innocent. Babuji recalls kicking Yashoda and her children out of the house while she pleads that she is innocent. Kamini tries to interfere. Amma tells Babuji that it’s sin to not stop an innocent person. Babuji notices Yashoda walking away. Arvind says though Yashoda is proven innocent in this issue, she still is guilty for poisoning Mahua and killing their baby. Amma stands silent. Krishna tells them that Yashoda will prove herself innocent in all the allegations made against her.

Krishna returns home and sees Yashoda crying. He says she should be happy today instead. Gayatri says a woman gets emotional when she is proven pious and it’s Yashoda’s tears of joy. Manoj asks Yashoda to shift to his home as Gayatri is also with her now. Yashoda says she is happy to get their support, but it’s her own battle and she wants to fight it alone. Amma tells Babuji that if he doesn’t bring Yashoda back today, he will be defeated as a FIL and can never bring back Yashoda home. Babuji doesn’t get sleep and walks restlessly. His inner voice asks him if he is not getting sleeping and asks if his restlessness will end if he comes to lawn from his room. Babuji says he will live with this restlessness. Inner voice asks if he believes that Ashok left home because of Ashok. Babuji says no. Inner voice asks if he thinks Yashoda killed Mahua’s baby. Babuji says no. Inner voice says Yashoda and Krishna’s fight is not his concern, he should go and bring Yashoda home.

Babuji how will he face Yashoda and tell her that he wrongly sent her out of the house and request her to return home. Amma holds his hand and says he should request her with right and Yashoda will never disregard his request and if he doesn’t go, he will be restless every night. She says she can’t see him like this and doesn’t want him to fight with himself each day. Next morning, Astha asks Nupur to get ready for school. Nupur tells Yashoda that teacher warned her not to return to school until she pays fees. Babuji with Astha walks in and says her dadaji is still alive. Yashoda recalls Babuji refusing to enter the house earlier.

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